Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So you may want to sit down for this one time event. I am going to take up for Sarah Palin. Here I go:

Isn't it just typical that we have a woman running for vice-president, who happens to be nice looking, stylish and somewhat athletic and just like every other woman of that description, she has been reduced to nothing but an orifice. Have you heard about the fancy new website http://www.voteforthemilf.com/? For those of you that aren't familiar with the lovely acronym MILF, I ask you to research it on your own then come back for the rest of the post. Go on....Google it.

Now let's take a moment to forget that Sarah Palin is the she-devil we all know, and think about her in terms of the definition you just looked up. Why is that okay? Why did she have to get sexualized, demeaned, reduced, and pushed down into the verbiage used on porn sites and trendy sitcoms. This woman, regardless of how smart she really is or isn't, is running for a political office. She is running for an office that is the second most important position in the country and she has been reduced to nothing but an portal.

Am I being too sensitive? Give me some feedback!


Revday said...

Did you also know that the MILF site was from the McCain campaign? Palin's nomination was the clinical pick of a misogynist and their party. If there had been respect for women they would have never picked her, they would have picked someone qualified, in the first place. And who was it that played the song Barracuda? The McCain campaign. And when she was asked real questions and held to an answer, who cried sexism? The McCain campaign.
Let's not forget that she despises women as well. EX: forcing victims to come up with the 500-1500$$ for their own rape kits, in a state where rape is epidemic! Who taught her daughter to just keep her legs closed? Who is willing to force her teenage daughter into a marriage that is doomed to failure? I have no sympathy and my compassion is outvoted by my anger over her values and her cloying narcissism.
I'm just waiting for her daughter to "miscarry" and confirm an even more heinous crime: Palin lies to the country about baby Trig and denies her daughter her place as his mother. She does not deserve our sympathy. We have all faced sexism. She has placed herself in the position. When she showed us her ass, we were bound to ram the truth up it.
Further, a sympathy vote is just what they want you to talk about.

Revday said...

See: Rebecca Triaster's The Sarah Palin pity party

g8rlane said...

Let me clarify: I do not feel sorry for Sarah Palin. I do not feel anything even resembling sympathy for this woman. What I feel is pity for our society in that we always find a way to take it to the lowest common denominator. I agree completely that the pick of Palin in itself was a sexist move and completely misogynistic. I also agree that SHE is the biggest woman hater among them!
Pity and sympathy? Hell no!

Bren said...

Even though I would never vote for McCain, it does make me sad that he made such a pathetic choice for his VP. There are so many women who are qualified, conservatives which he could have chosen. Why didn't he choose one of them? I cringe every single time I hear Palin speak so I really do understand exactly what you mean - it's sad for womankind. Of course, all the comments about Hillary being unattractive really pissed me off. What difference does it make either way?