Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, September 18th, was a huge anniversary that most everyone in the media let go by with hardly a mention. Five years ago, Congress passed a resolution drafted by the Bush Administration stating that we as a country were going after Bin Laden for the events of September 11th. Five years. We are not doing so great on that. In fact, according to Bush, he just doesn't even think about Bin Laden that much.

The behind the scenes info on this resolution is even more interesting and not at all surprising. The original draft was written to automatically include an invasion of Iraq with no investigation or proof. Congress had the sense to say no to that, but doesn't that tell you something? Seven days after 9/11 Bush was already trying to quietly sneak the war on Iraq into our plans. We hadn't even begun to go after the man responsible for the attacks and Dumbass is plotting to sneak his pet project in. As we all know, he still got his way. He would have gotten his way no matter what, but the first attempt was so blatant of a farce that the Congress had to work on a better lie.
Every day that passes the world laughs louder and louder. We as a nation are such a joke and our Puppet in Chief and his insane redneck followers are too dumb to see what lasting scars this whole dark age will bring.
Its like when you look at the rings of a tree. Everything is very symmetrical and pretty. Just as nature intended. Then you spy a dark, bumpy area where something has obviously gone wrong. What in the world could have caused such a disturbance in such beauty---a fire. A raging wildfire that left the tree and everything around it scarred forever.

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