Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

sound familiar?

We are supposed to believe him again, right?

While the media focuses endlessly on the tabloid story of the week, JonBenet, Bush decided he would suit up in his brush-clearing clothes once again and appear to keep it real with the citizens of New Orleans. I guess he thought he could sneak in and make a few friends for the party and slither back out before the evening news had a chance to notice.

I am so disgusted at the hypocrisy and blatent lack of compassion. Our dumbass in command continues to speak as if Katrina happened last month, not last year. We are still talking about building homes and getting residents back in their neighborhoods one year later. Very little progress has been made, and in fact the work that has been accomplished on the levees isn't guaranteed to hold.

What kind of country are we living in? We have consistantly turned our back on those in need to run after the next big story, leaving human lives in limbo because their story is no longer hip and trendy. We have the attention span of a gnat.

Get ready folks, September is on its way. The big machine just got warmed up in New Orleans yeserday. New York, you're next! Put on your waders. It's going to get deep.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

desperate times call for desperate measures!

The stress of selling the house has finally hit the pooches! Karly actually chose to lay on this bed with Mason! She intentionally went over, layed next to him, and rested for a number of minutes. Okay, we have got to sell this house! Either that, or the end of the Earth is nigh. sides are hurting!

"It's so beautiful! We're here! We're at the gazebo! All the citizens have turned out and you get the chance to shake hands and get to know people on a first name basis and it's very special! I wish we could do this all over the state!"

"all the citizens" of Ocala
I nearly choked on my bagel from laughter when I saw this! The smart-ass comments were zinging around my head so fast I nearly fainted! Ocala's population has severely dwindled in the last week apparently! Good thing, too! Now Katerine has the chance to get to know all 48 of them on a "first name basis"!
Ahhh, ain't delusion grand?!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, August 20, 2006

ok enough with the nature!

Today has been an extremely nature filled day. This morning I found this beauty resting in the pampas grass in the back yard.

And then this atrocious thing is found resting in the Christmas Cactus right beside the front door!! This is a large frog. Not a toad or a small tree frog. Very big. Body size of about 4 inches. Fun time is over. Get back inside. Play time ends when the frogs come out. Ick.
My two dislikes in the natural world--frogs and snakes. However snakes trump frogs when they help me out and eat them!

Thank goodness my hero was here to save me.

Came across this inspiring little sign while driving through Waldo, FL on Friday:

"If you don't repent and turn to Jesus you will surely burn in hell."

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Choose Death

I have been getting increasingly aggravated with those self-righteous Florida drivers that sport the "Choose Life" vanity license plates. It seems like they are increasing, multiplying before my very eyes even. It never fails that those same ignoramuses also have a Bush/Cheney sticker somewhere on their dilapidated mini-van spilling over with snotty-nosed-ill-behaved-children.

If you look a bit longer, you'll no doubt find a "Support the Troops" ribbon lovingly placed sideways to remind us that supporting the troops also means you love Jesus.

I propose a new vanity plate. In fact, I might just make my own sticker for the car. I sure as hell am not going to buy a plate, put money in their hat, and then rework it to suit my thoughts. Yeah, instead I will just make my own sticker and see how long it lasts on my window. The Righties hate to have their stuff messed with!! tee hee


The Intersection of US Decline

I had this vision while doing yard work last week:

Friday, August 18, 2006

some perspective

I was listening to my favorite lesbian political morning show, The Rachel Maddow Show, on XM 167 this morning, and a very valid and thought provoking point was made.
Capitol Hill is poised to cut benefits to veterans once again. This time to the funding for brain injury treatment. During war time. During a time when our soldiers are coming home with brain injuries from a war of choice. Absolutely ridiculous. Meanwhile...
Paul Rieckhoff gave me some amazing perspective on this: Recently our selected officials came back to Washington during their vacations for ONE brain damaged woman. Those same people have no problem slashing the funding for treatment of the men and women who are serving their country. Guess no one wants to be bothered to come back to fight for hundreds. Too much trouble. How's that for a 'culture of life'.
Read Paul's support letter here.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 questions...ok 3

#1 Do people who smoke think that they don't smell bad?

#2 Do chronically late people have the balls to get mad when others are late or don't snap to attention to take care of them?

#3 Does everyone poop in public places?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

feeling a bit stalkerish

Stalking is a family affair. We are watching out the front window as the house for sale across the street has a showing. We went outside a number of times, hoping to lure at least a question or a longing look from the potential buyers. "Our house is prettier" we'd send out into the universe, hoping they might come back or take our flyer. Oh the shame...Stalking event #2 took place on an actual showing of our house. We loaded up the dogs, went to Panera Bread for a bagel, and still arrived back at the house before the showing was done. So we parked down the street and watched. Turns out, this girl loves the house too, but is torn between us and new construction. We are pressing the realtor to remind her of all the kinks we have already worked out over the last 6 years. Not to mention the upgrades already in place. Sigh. The desperateness of it all.

How sad are we?

The man is trying to fulfill what the New York court has ordered, and we think it's great news to follow him around and inhibit his mission. How pathetic. Of course, news stories are portraying him as a bitchy queen in this scenario because he is asking everyone to let him go about his business. Imagine the nerve of such request.

Monday, August 14, 2006

back to square one

After our second-lookers on Wednesday, we were crestfallen on Thursday to hear that they chose a house with more trees! Sob! We were getting very close!
So, it's back to square one. Frankly, we are both exhausted mentally from this already! (I know, it's been only a couple of weeks!)
We wound up the obsession machine once again for a showing on Saturday morning. No word yet. Stay tuned!


Who my age doesn't love to periodically climb in the way-back machine and sing your favorite songs from the 80's? Now I don't mean the cliche 80's that are overplayed on the trying-to-be-trendy-stations that dedicate 2 hours every Saturday night to the genre. I'm talking about really good music from back then.
This is a screen shot from an HD concert at Wembly Stadium by Duran Duran.
First of all, bigs ups to both my TV and camera for being so crisp and awesome. (I wish this technology was around in the 80's which is when my best TV picture taking took place!)
Anyway, the boys look and sound absolutely fabulous! Wow! Very good, and rivaling performances from their heyday of which I have first-hand knowledge.
Hey, maybe I can go see them now and lose the other half of my hearing! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cross your fingers...deep breath...

Good news that threw us into mowing the yard at 7:30 last night with a huge thunderstorm approaching, and me with a doozey of a headache: the first lookers wanted to look again today!
Oh! I think I may end up with some sort of ulcer out of this. The anticipation, the expectation, the worry, the possible rejection...

I try really hard to live a life free of expectation. Doing so leaves one generally surprised and rarely disappointed. As good as I try to be at this, hey, I'm only human. I really want this house to sell. I want it to sell quick too. We are going to blow out our adrenals quick at this pace. So, yeah I am secretly full of expectation. I think our house is pretty and more importantly it has character and a lot of sweat equity that shows.

So cross your fingers, your toes, your eyes, hell, cross your labia if you can! It can only help!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 what?

We have been prepping the house for the last two forevers in anticipation of showing it to potential buyers. Poised over every piece of furniture, waiting for any spec of dust that dare fall...following the kids around wiping up any hint of drool, spit, snot, hair or dander...moving dog crates in, moving dog crates out...and overall obsessively and incessantly Swiffering every inch of our home. Well, it's paid off. We have our first showing this morning at 10 am. Yikes!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

a new beginning

My girl found this attached to the edge of the house last week. Pretty cool. We have had a larger number of butterflies this year due to some new plantings from spring so this shouldn't be a huge surprise.
I have chosen to take this as a possible sign of a couple of things, clearly all around change and beginnings:

Our house is up for sale and we are anxiously waiting to take the next step toward our next beautiful shelter. This chrysalis most likely has been placed here to teach me that patience reaps beautiful things. I'm trying. I'm not known to be the most patient person in the world. Bad trait. I will make the attempt to relax, be patient, and enjoy the clean non-cluttered splendor of our current abode.

The other thing I have chosen to see is that a new beginning for us politically and nationally is on the horizon. We are fast approaching the mid-term elections. Our voices are going to be heard and followed. The shambles that is the Bush Regime has a limited number of days. We already see cracks in the armor. The emperor has no clothes.
I have no patience for this despicable bunch of men, but I can muster the patience for the beauty of watching His Ignorance fall like Saddam's statue. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Oooh...everyone gather round! Some important-never-thought-of-before-news is being reported!

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Our foreign policy is so rogue, so tough, so independent, non-existent.