Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Am I Overly Tuned In To Smells?

How is it that we, as a people, don't lose our sense of smell due to constant assault?
Think about how many smells we encounter on a daily basis. Now think about how many BAD smells we encounter. Isn't it amazing that our noses don't just give up and quit or go on strike?

perfume bad breath smoker alcohol dirty need to take a shower overly perfumed with overpriced toilet water gingivitis halitosis old teeth farts shit just plain old stink musk hairspray lotion oils Summer's Eve Old Spice Aqua Net Aqua Velva nicotine tar intestines lungs tissue old man old woman teenager kid farts baby diaper that blue stuff in port-a-potties mothballs

I am noting this as we sit on the runway in NC awaiting takeoff, which can't come soon enough because we are both about to gag from the smell of the two passengers sitting behind us. Oh they appear to be very clean and orderly people, but one whiff and it is evident that we have a lifetime of smoking. I mean it is coming out of their pores. It is stuck in their clothes, lungs, hair, skin, jewelry...thus the prompting of this post.


pencil them in!

Now, let it be said that I do like Katie Holmes a lot--albeit a little less since she has gone off the deep end with Tom and his gazillions. I also used to like Tom a lot more. That being said, I am having a hard time getting all worked up over the fact that a date has been set for their pending nuptuals.
Every time I see the media falling all over themselves to herald another celebrity wedding I am painfully reminded of how many times each celebrity has been married already, and the fact that I am not afforded the same opportunities. I have said many times that my relationship of 13 years is no more valid with that piece of paper, but the benefits that go along with the acknowledgement are worth the process.
So as we prepare anxiously for Tom Cruise's THIRD marriage, keep in mind that some of us honor the vows we privately made one time in our lives 13 years ago at Paines Prarie.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

showing their true colors

I guess if you don't have anything intelligent to say in your talking points, you naturally go for the ugly dyke approach. Pathetic.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Step in Line, Step in Line, ...

This guy apparently forgot who he works for. He spoke his true thoughts and quickly got yanked back into the Kool-Aid serving booth!

Does it get any better?

  • direct flight to destination
  • sitting by the girl of my dreams for said flight
  • new Panasonic portable DVD player debut
  • "Hong Kong Phooey" and "Fat Albert" DVD box sets for some good ole soothing of my inner child as I prepare to visit with family for 2 days


There is something about the words "feel" and "woman" and the insinuation of elderlyness on one's car bumper that gross me out a bit!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Has anyone else noticed how much bad/catty publicity Madonna has received over the adoption of little David Banda? What kind of double standards do we have going on here? The media has fallen all over themselves to cover Angelina's adoptions, and she is heralded as a saint. Madonna does the exact same thing, and we are bitching over the whiff of privilege. I just don't get it. I personally think it is great in both cases.

I happen to like Madonna. I happen to think she is a genius in the way she handles her career and it's longevity. Yes, I think she knows how to make a stir and wind up her PR machine. No one does it better in my opinion, but when it comes to her children and family I also think she is very responsible and giving. Career and family take separate paths.
Why can't we just be happy that another child has been given a chance at a good life. Where is our concern for the African people that need our help daily? Apparently, we are too busy beating down those that do help to actually do something ourselves. Make a difference.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

oh the nausea..

Please tell me who felt the need to ruin my Thursday night ritual of processing a crime scene with this unpleasant vision:
I mean, is nothing sacred?!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

Stephanie J. Block

Did you hear squeals of joy in the universe last Friday resonating from the Chicago Theatre District? Well, it was late and we were in another time're off the hook.
We saw a spectacular preview of The Pirate Queen in Chicago Friday and I can hardly contain myself with excitement for how wonderful the show is already. The cast, the music, the dancing...sigh.

As you may recall from earlier postings, we had the great fortune of landing second row seats to the fourth performance in previews, and normally the fact that the group only had a few runs under their belt would scare me, but there was nothing to be afraid of! As expected, this beautiful story of one very strong woman's struggle to make her place in life and history was spectacularly brought to life by my BFF, Stephanie J. Block

How often does someone famous actually recognize you by name, give you genuine enveloping hugs and thanks you profusely for supporting her career? This woman is wonderful and I think I love her...yep, I do! I mean just take a look at this reception we received:

Soooo looking forward to following this to Broadway and about to pee my pants for the cast recording! Stay tuned...I'm positive I'm not through gushing!

Ever feel like you just want to stay in the shower? It's quiet and warm. No one is bothering you or asking you for anything.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


We act like this is new. We act like we have never seen such behavior from our elected officials.
We act like she didn't learn this crap from her secret beau,
George W. Bush.
Geez. This shit actually makes headlines.
Indignation. What a great word. What a great way to describe the attitude of the Croney Government.

You're worried NOW?

Since when have the Republicans been worried about coming off as gay bashers? Apparently when it involves one of their own, and underage boys.

This is so rich.

*sarcasm alert* I'm sure Newt is genuinely concerned about the lowly gays and not at all trying to polish his image for a possible run at the White House.


The Republicans are so all over the place with this Mark Foley thing. Yet again, someone from their party has been caught doing something gross and immoral. Yet again it is someone from Florida. Must we always be involved?

I thought it interesting that when the story broke, details were missing that he was speaking with male pages in these emails and IMs. Now of course we know it for fact, but I thought it was telling that the Gay Bashing Party didn't feel the need to immediately disclose all the info in this case. Had this been a Democrat The Washington Times headline would have screamed "Gay Page Scandal" or "Dem Caught With Pants Down" Something stupid and tabloidy like that.

Now that the details are ickily out in the open, all the Bushies are running around crying ignorance. The whole "I didn't know about it" defense gets very tired after 5 yrs. Maybe Dennis Hastert should look up from his piles of money every now and again and take note of how his majority is behaving.
Link to Rachel Maddow for the disturbing IMs and emails.

It didn't take long for Tony Snow to allude that worse things have happened in Washington than some "naughty emails". That's right you little minion...bring it back to Clinton.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Four days!

I woke up this morning with a great feeling!

Today begins a frenzy of good activity centered around the house sale, but it also starts the three very busy days at the office that lead up to our trip to Chicago!

I have been following castcom for The Pirate Queen for the last two weeks and this weekend was the last posting, leaving people like me hanging in the balance until the show opens tomorrow! I suppose they deserve a couple of days to pull it all together without checking in on the needy fans! Theatre aside, I am looking forward to going back to Chicago and seeing a bit more of that great city. We intend to branch out a bit more from the last trip, and definitely try some new vegetarian restaurants we have heard about since last May.

Stay tuned for lots of twists and turns in my mood. I hope this new St. John's Wort is up for the challenge!