Thursday, October 19, 2006

Has anyone else noticed how much bad/catty publicity Madonna has received over the adoption of little David Banda? What kind of double standards do we have going on here? The media has fallen all over themselves to cover Angelina's adoptions, and she is heralded as a saint. Madonna does the exact same thing, and we are bitching over the whiff of privilege. I just don't get it. I personally think it is great in both cases.

I happen to like Madonna. I happen to think she is a genius in the way she handles her career and it's longevity. Yes, I think she knows how to make a stir and wind up her PR machine. No one does it better in my opinion, but when it comes to her children and family I also think she is very responsible and giving. Career and family take separate paths.
Why can't we just be happy that another child has been given a chance at a good life. Where is our concern for the African people that need our help daily? Apparently, we are too busy beating down those that do help to actually do something ourselves. Make a difference.

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