Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Brain: the last 20 days

Since I have been away for weeks due to the queasiness of my PC, you can imagine that I have had a plethora of thoughts running through my crazy little brain and no outlet in which to dump them. So, I decided to just start a bullet point list of random thoughts that have occupied my brain lately. Disclaimer: As you read, keep in mind the official descriptor used for this site. Insanity and Lucidity...

  • Don't put too much faith in the tech support desk at any given computer store. Even though you have stood at the counter describing, gesturing, and making sample noises most likely things will end up like they do at the car mechanic. They will hand you back your keys/computer and say "We didn't find anything."

  • I think the media has done a fairly decent job informing us of the dangers of Superbugs created from the overuse of antibiotics. However, the REAL Superbug problem is happening outside due to our overuse of flea and tick control for our pets! We have been battling fleas and ticks here like some jungle in the Congo! Awful!

  • I have rediscovered my smoldering love for the Far Infrared Sauna.

  • Prepping for a garage sale is awful. Gazing on a pile of crap soon to leave your house is glorious!

  • Watching my girl writhe around in the discomfort of a 103 fever is awful. The number 99 never looked so good.

  • As my stress level rises, my compassion for others plummets in direct proportion. My brain screams "Save yourself!" way too quickly.

  • The compassion afforded a healthcare provider when she is sick is limited to one week. If said healthcare provider cannot snap out of the crisis in said week, the masses of needy don't give a shit anymore, and sit on ready to resume the endless suckage of life and energy from the doctor even if her tank is only 25% full. Nice.

  • There are talented people all around us. When you see a person on the street, you may never know their talents.

  • Buy, rent, or download "Charlie Wilson's War" Well done, Julia is gorgeous, Tom is brilliant, our government is full of idiots hell-bent on repeating bad history.

  • Due to my involvement in the God of War video games lately, I have decided that Greek Mythology is pretty freakin' awesome!

  • We have eaten our weight in quesadillas lately. Unless you are ready to eat them for a month solid, don't even buy the ingredients and a special little flat pan that perfectly fits the tortilla and makes a perfect little pocket of cheesy-black-beany love! Don't do it I say!

  • Awakening to your life's purpose is hard. Keeping one's ego in check: harder

  • Daytime TV used as entertainment while one is sick is useless. We have 500 channels worth of crap. If you are ever in need of crap, just tune in to cable TV during the day and there you go...a whole lot of crappy crap. I can't understand it when news stories tout that the average American watches 29 hours of television per week. That is over 4 hours per day and a whole of of housewives in desperation, stars who dance, and Americans that want to be idolized. (Pipe down everyone looking up stats on adults who play video games...easy now!)
  • Life as a shut-in/recluse doesn't sound so bad on most days...eeek!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My computer has returned!

Like a prodigal child who has been wondering the streets of the big city, my PC has finally schleped it home after spending the better part of the month in the seedy dustbins of the local Best Buy Geek Squad headquarters. I'm doing my best not to shout names like "tramp" and "harlot" when I walk in the room. After all, she did return, albeit to have her entire system wiped clean and XP reloaded. I feel like a distraught parent that had no choice but to send their child to one of those mind-cleaning boot camps in hopes that they would return to once again be the child they knew long ago.

I not so much got the old child, but a totally different one! She has such potential! (beam)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 13 of me with no personal PC is coming to a close. Tomorrow will, of course, be day 14...four days over the estimated time of completion. I called Best Buy yesterday to check on the status, because the online tracking device was surely mistaken when it said my PC was still in diagnostics. Right? Nope. It was right and I am beginning to wonder if I will ever see it's sweet startup screen again. sniff.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

God of Gore

So in my quest to find something to do other than read, or succumb to the wiles of "Dancing with the Stars", I decided to start playing a 2006 game series called God of War. (The extremely astute among us will note a new sidebar showing what I am playing currently)
My girl has already played I and II and is in the middle of the PSP installment. I have always been intrigued by the storyline, graphics, voiceovers, and gameplay. So I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad I did! So far it has been a blast--challenging, but not too hard and as I expected the storyline is very engaging. However, I do question how all this blood and heartless violence is feeding my "pain body" All the good work I'm doing in reading "A New Earth" could be getting bathed in the blood of innocent Greeks! I mean, does this look like a character who has a small pain body?
Yeah...that's Medusa's head...pretty sure that is not good "pain body" etiquette.

Monday, April 07, 2008

As my Twitter updates denote, I spent some lovely time yesterday with the Best Buy Geek Squad which so far has yielded me nothing more than an empty spot on my desk. I had to leave my PC with them for the third time in six months. Maybe this time they will fix it. My hopes are high since I diagnosed the problem thus narrowing down the search. I know they know way more than me, but I have had my PC returned with the words "healthy system" noted on my invoice now twice, only to find that the problem is in fact still there! So much for them doing a thorough job in the diagnosis department.
So, now the fun begins. I most likely will be PC-free for two weeks. My lovely is letting me post from her fancy-schmancy in the meantime. So, to sum up, I have no PC, I am not gaming right now due to lack of inspiring material, the pool is still too cold to swim...what am I supposed to do with myself? Read????? gasp!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Malaise

Is anyone else experiencing a lack of Spring Fever? Ugh. I just want to go to bed. Not in a depressed way, but in a I'm Freakin' Exhausted way.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

boo! boo! King of Filth, King of Putrescence! boo!

Check out this footage of Bush throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals game.
My commentary: He nearly breaks a leg scurrying to get off the mound and back underground after a pitch that would have surely hit the batter! Not quite the reception he had hoped for from the home crowd, I venture to guess. Also, how long do you reckon it took the announcer to remove his lips from Bush's entitled ass?!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Five Hundred Posts!

It's my 500th post!

Can you believe it? Wow! On one hand I can't believe I found 500 things to talk about, okay I know some topics repeated, Stephanie J. Block, but on the other I can't believe I found ONLY 500 things to talk about!

I'd like to say that I have changed the world in some way with my blogging, but in all honesty, I know I have just been having a really good time goofing around on the Internet for an extended period of time. When you become a blogger things, people and places start to take on new meaning. Weird stuff that happens to you becomes a bit funnier as you think of ways to share it with whoever might stumble upon your site, and important things become clearer as you strive to inform those same passersby.

To those 5 of you who tune in to hear my drivel and blather, I thank you! Your comments make me smile and I hope my posts have given you the same from time to time!

Go on, tell your friends about My Brain! I'll give you props when I'm famous! ;)