Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Five Hundred Posts!

It's my 500th post!

Can you believe it? Wow! On one hand I can't believe I found 500 things to talk about, okay I know some topics repeated, Stephanie J. Block, but on the other I can't believe I found ONLY 500 things to talk about!

I'd like to say that I have changed the world in some way with my blogging, but in all honesty, I know I have just been having a really good time goofing around on the Internet for an extended period of time. When you become a blogger things, people and places start to take on new meaning. Weird stuff that happens to you becomes a bit funnier as you think of ways to share it with whoever might stumble upon your site, and important things become clearer as you strive to inform those same passersby.

To those 5 of you who tune in to hear my drivel and blather, I thank you! Your comments make me smile and I hope my posts have given you the same from time to time!

Go on, tell your friends about My Brain! I'll give you props when I'm famous! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am an adoring fan and enjoy your blog immensely. And yes girl, a smile has been on my face on many occasions reading your posts. Thanks! RN

Anonymous said...

OMG! Only 500 posts? I have loved them all!!! Thanks for adding a giggle to my day with your hilarious observations and comments on world events. You ROCK!!! bh

P.S. Plus I really, really loved the walk down memory lane with early photos of you and your lovely bride!! Heehee!