Thursday, March 30, 2006 is preparing to launch a great ad, "Caught Red-Handed" Brilliant.
Take a look at the entire ad, and a shot at guessing the mystery offender.
$25 will help get it out sooner. Give it a thought.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our national debt will soon be so big that it will no longer fit on the National Debt Clock in New York. How pathetic is that?
Can you hear them cheering in Beijing?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Downing Street #2

Just how many more 'memos' are we going to need before we get this fool out of office? Every single day he is in the White House he is further damaging our country, reputation and the future of generations to come.
At this point we, as Americans, look like idiots. We are sooo busy with our own lives that we can't take to the streets and demand change. If France can do it, why can't we? If Belarus can do it, why can't we?
We are lazy and complacent. We deserve what happens because we apparently don't care enough to make a difference or make our voices heard.
We haven't stood up for ourselves, our children, our environment, our troops(yellow ribbons don't count), or our jobs. What makes this newest realization any different?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Having a great weekend with the love of my life! Posted by Picasa

Pomp & Circumstance

Our boy graduated yesterday!!
Mason and his classmate/girlfriend, Koko, graduated in the Advanced Beginner's Class taught by Jose "Pepe" Peruyero, Jr. of J&K Canine Academy! (Jose is the happy one in the middle)
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just when I think I couldn't get more disgusted with the Bushies, I stumble on this. Just incredible. These people do not have ONE compassionate bone in their bodies. It's all about the money no matter what or who is at stake or in need. Disgusting.
For everyone that was fooled into thinking that this woman is so sweet and grandmotherly...suck on dis

(Point of reference lest ye forget this little gem)

Friday, March 24, 2006



fruits of labour

Look at our progress!
These are the tiniest crook neck squash, cucumber,and bell pepper I have ever seen! My girl has done such a great job! Mmm Mmm! Can't wait!
Included is a nice blanket flower that has bloomed as well!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Teacher's Pet

For those of you wondering how Mason is doing in class...

...from this picture, it looks like he doesn't pay attention!!

Well, I just hope they're happy...
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Ahh...nothing like a quiet Sunday morning, a cup o' Joe,
and a good book at Borders. Posted by Picasa

mmm mmm good!

Look at this awesome dinner I made the other night! It's from a new-to-me cookbook I found from that cute little Rachel Ray on the Food Network! It's Vegetarian Lo Mein! Yummy! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Went to the remarkable Bodies: The Exhibition in Tampa Sunday.

Very cool. I thought that I might be a bit grossed out, but surprisingly not at all. **one exception** a tumor on display that came with its own little game: find its hair, teeth and eye OMG!!! That one will surely give me nightmares in a day or so after I have had time to subconsciously think about it!

All in all, the exhibit is an eye-opening journey into ourselves. Very educational and enlightening.

We loaded up at the early Sunday morning time of 7am and were looking at Bodies by 9am. Not too shabby.

Does anyone else think that he looks like a puppet?
Link here to read yesterday's load of crap.

for those of us with crazy mothers and selves...a little explanation

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Depressed mothers can pass their psychiatric problems on to their children, U.S. researchers reported Tuesday.
The children of mothers who are successfully treated for depression have a markedly reduced risk of developing psychiatric disorders themselves, the research has found.
But a mother's continued depression increases her child's risk of such problems, the researchers said.
It is believed to be the first published research on the link between remission of a mother's depression and her child's mental health.
"If you have a depression mother, you ought to do everything you can to get her better, because there's a double effect," said study author Myrna Weissman, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City.
"While depression may be a genetic disorder, it has a strong environmental component. And, for a child, a parent's illness is a very strong environmental effect. You want to reduce that effect so that you can have a beneficial effect on the child," Weissman said.
The study, conducted between December 2001 and April 2004, involved 151 mother-child pairs from eight primary care and 11 psychiatric outpatient clinics. The children were aged 7 to 17, and more than one-third came into the study with a psychiatric disorder, including depression, anxiety and disruptive behavior.
By the end of three months, about a third of the mothers saw their depression go into remission. Among their children, there was an 11 percent drop in rates of psychiatric diagnoses. But among children of mothers who were still depressed, there was an 8 percent rise in diagnoses.
The relationship between mothers' depression and children's diagnoses at the end of three months was similar whether or not the children had a diagnosis at the beginning of the study.
The study also highlights the impact of depression on the entire family. "We know that depression affects not just the person who is suffering but the whole family," according to the researchers. "It was so encouraging that if the women got better, the kids got better. Who doesn't want a well child?"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 years is long enough

I am so sick of seeing Bush run all over the country defending this idiotic war, and now civil war. What an embarrassment. With the way he walks and talks you'd think he has a set of balls the size of his home state. Instead, when it comes down to it, he is a gutless wonder. We should wonder what possessed half of America to vote for him.

Fucking "win" it or get out already!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

the time is now

A recent poll shows that 53% of Americans think the articles of impeachment should have already been drawn up on this president.

Now is the time to speak up if you agree. Don't wait for our elected representatives to decide when to get on the bandwagon. It is apparent after the lack of support shown last week for Russ Feingold's censure measure that the people we think are acting on our behalf for the best is not true. What would it have hurt if the Democrats got their act together and supported this measure? What are we waiting for? The beast is hurt, ailing even. Strike now while it is weak and the support system is failing. The longer we wait to stand up for ourselves is one more minute the Republicans have to re-group and start the machine all over again.

Be a part of a movement to impeach this most miserable president in history. If it was done for a blowjob, surely it can be done for tens of thousands of lives and lie upon lie upon lie.

Impeach Bush!

who are the people in your neighborhood*...

*insert place of your, life, club...

  • lady who wears too much perfume
  • unruly child whose parents don't/can't/won't reprimand
  • 50+ year old man who still can't commit to a schedule
  • the mystery farter
  • the incessant throat clearer
  • lady who overtalks (talks over others)
  • the 'so much better than you' lady/man
  • the sentence finisher
  • halitosis guy
  • lady who talks loudly on cell in lobby
  • the mystery pooper
  • man who attempts to talk on his Nextel in the lobby before getting "the look"
  • lady who laughs way too loud
  • the whiner
  • perpetually on the verge of tears lady
  • man with orange mustache who smells like an ashtray

They're the people that you meet, when you're walking down the street

They're the people that you meet each day!

Feel free to leave me ideas of who is in your neighborhood!

here's to speaking your mind!

We should all thank Jamie for this highly quotable gem!

"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn't place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

- Jamie Raskin, testifying Wednesday, March 1, 2006 before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in response to a question from Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs about whether marriage discrimination against gay people is required by "God's Law."

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

C'mon everybody!
It's cool to hate the gays!
We're just a bunch of pedophilic-animal-lovin'-tree-huggin-oversexed-animals!
You know, Queer is this century's African American!

cue the Mariachi music

Well I suppose you can't fault 'em for always going back to what has worked in the past. In a not so surprising speech, Bush ran around like an idiot and beat his chest about our toughness.
Something about this rambling doesn't seem right though:

“If necessary . . . under long-standing principles of self-defence, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur — even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy’s attack.”

Where to start...okay...self-defense usually means that someone is attacking you right? Oh, but then according to his terms, we attack BEFORE we have anything to defend against even if we have no idea who we are fighting, or where. Okay. Yes I have it now. Come out swinging like the blindfolded birthday boy at a pinata! Just wildly swing!! You're bound to hit something!

Feel free to find your own set of contradictions in the full story of the latest pep rally.
Or better yet, here is an idea for your own pinata!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Is anyone counting how many times Bush has gone "on tour" in defense of his Iraq policies? Okay, so maybe you don't have a physical number at your fingertips, but just off the top of your head, do you think that number even gets close to the number of times he has made speeches on the reconstruction of New Orleans? How about ranking that number against the number of times he went out to convince our senior citizens that privitization of Social Security was a good thing?

more surprise!

This guy is going to keep pointing fingers and eventually he'll see that he is pointing at himself. Wish I could be there for that moment of clarity!
Who am I kidding?
Bush and his cronies never really look at themselves with a discerning eye. Looking in the mirror would show the vast array of death and destruction left in their wake.

surprise! surprise!

Well it's official. Iran has moved to the top of "our" security agenda. You're surprised? You shouldn't be. Some country has to take Iraq's place now that we have mutilated it beyond repair. Some country has to be in the cross-hairs now in preparation for elections.

Do you get where I'm going here? The plan is to be in some sort of war or attack so we will fall victim to that stupid thought that you don't change administrations and/or parties during unrest.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My sweetie started a garden for us a few weeks ago and it is progressing quite nicely. She has put so much time into this and it looks like it is going to be really good for us. After watching the disturbing documentary The Future of Food last night, I was happy to know that we have the possibility of organic, clean produce this summer.

Today we started seeing signs of progress, and fruit!! Yeah!

We are one step closer to unmanipulated and unfooledaroundwith food! No Flounder genes found here!*

*If you want to understand this inside reference, buy the documentary!

"It is a huge, huge problem and it's embarrassing"

You know it has to be bad when you have lost the support of country music. Thank goodness this beautiful couple has overcome the peer pressure to blindly support this embarrassing bunch of old fat men we have no choice but the call our government.

Do we have a government or a fucking fan club?

Take a look at this pathetic site. Here all you redneck Nascar watching idiots can get all the fan gear necessary to cover your McDonald-eatin'-tobacco-chewin-Wal-Mart-lovin'-Fox News-worshipping asses.

the beauty of unravel

It seems like everyday there is another story about someone associated with the White House in some fashion of trouble. Today is no exception. This administration is starting to resemble rats jumping from a sinking ship.

Rachel Maddow posted a great entry on her blog regarding this story. You should read it. In fact you should read her blog daily for some smart female observations. She is my political lesbian hero.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

someone please enlighten me

What is it with adults who have problems with authority and schedules. You know these people. Think about it. Somewhere in your life you have to deal with someone who is habitually late, can't follow directions, and walks just off center from the rest of society.

I think it is pathetic and shameful. What kind of pitiful power trip do these kind of people need to take? I'm fully aware that it is all about control and power. I'm also fully aware that it gives you a not-so-nice-name in societal/commercial circles.

So here is my infomercial to all you adult slackers:
  • no one likes you because you are always late
  • you have a bad name in offices and stores because you are a pain in the ass
  • it is not cute to be said pain in the ass all the time
  • you are not special, so quit asking for special treatment
  • you may want to start eating at home because you most definitely are eating the saliva of the kitchen help more often than not
  • it is not endearing to waltz in to appointments YOU made 5 minutes late consistently
  • you disrespect all those around you when you behave this way, but expect others to roll out the red carpet of respect for you all the time. Sound fair?
  • Grow up!

if I had a hammer...well,...let's not finish that

So, King George has mustered up the balls to demand more money be sent to Louisiana. Mighty white of you since "money" is just a number and, oh yeah, you are already spending $100,000 per minute on your unsubstantiated war.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Okay, here is proof that Republican voters just don't give a crap about ethics, morality and honesty. It's glaringly obvious that they will sacrifice the greater good for their own agenda and shortsighted gains.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Link to this great article regarding how welcome Bush is in India.
How much longer are we going to allow this idiot to embarrass, tarnish and humiliate us? This has got to stop somewhere. How much more will it take to dethrone this evil king?
I personally can't wait until 2008. The damage will be irreversible.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh my gosh Becky, look at her Bible!

I'm pretty sure that this thing is above the 50 lb. weight limit for luggage and certainly doesn't fit in the little "Size Wise" checker at the gate for carry-ons!

The flight attendant on my flight home surely risked all our lives by bringing this mammoth Word of God on our tiny jet!!

Funniest Thing I saw in Amarillo,

not to be confused with the Grossest Thing I saw in Amarillo!

misc photos from my trip to mars

This big fella greeted me every morning outside my hotel! Yehaw!

The Cadillac Ranch

Ten Cadillacs planted in the middle of a field. Don't know why, but it's apparently a tourist spot that can be found on maps. What can I say?
I drove around to find it!

The store where all the Texas men get their big bellies. (not found on map!)

Billboard advertising ticket sales for this year's
NRA Banquet being held in good ole' Amarillo!
Ya'll give 'em a call now---tickets are going fast!
(I nearly wrecked my car twice. First when I saw this hideous sight and second trying to photograph it for blog history!)

Okay, this little gem was found on my first day in Amarillo. At first glance it looked to be a gun supply store. Look a bit closer at the title.

My evil little Democrat mind started weaving a tale. Picture this. Dick Cheney stopping by to pick up a gun, ammo, and a story to tell in case of an accident while hunting with friends.

Oh, and a safe for all his Halliburton money.

i told you this was a crazy place!

This is a pic of a brand new Krispy Kreme Donut Shop---with plywood over the windows! What fools be these Texans!

Here is the obviously tastier cop hangout responsible for extinguishing my beloved "Hot Donuts Now" sign.
** to be fair, the Krispy Kreme went out of business rapidly after the people of Amarillo rallied around the owners of The Donut Stop and made a huge statement of solidarity and support for local businesses. I really can't argue with that, although I'd pit a KK hot fresh glaze donut against theirs anytime. Not that I tried them!

communal lipstick

Okay, while in Amarillo I stumbled on a curious happening. After washing my hands in the restroom, I noticed a little table next to the sink with a basket. I shouldn't have done it, but I looked to see what said basket held. Communal lipstick. (cue scary organ music)

Call me crazy or out of the loop, but is this what you straight girls do in the workplace---share lipstick? Gross! Ick! Eeww!

This is an official request for someone to please dispute these hideous findings. Please restore my faith in female hygiene and tell me this isn't happening all over the nation---just TEXAS!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Welcome to Jesusville!

Apparently it is not legal to sexually harass here in Amarillo, however it seems to be perfectly okay to harass religiously. I found this poster in the breakroom while "Jesus Take the Wheel" was playing loud and clear on the piped in Christian music! Not Kidding! wish I was.

where am i?

I figured out why everyone here in Amarillo seems so isolated and out of the loop. This is a sampling of morning television:

  • 8 church programs bursting with fire and brimstone preachers
  • 2 home shopping type shows full of bad fashion and unneeded household items
  • 1 hunting program not afraid to show the ENTIRE hunting experience
  • 0 network news shows. I have not seen Good Morning America or Today since I left Florida. Wasn't sure I'd ever say this, but thank goodness for CNN.

Good thing I leave tomorrow. I think my brain is shrinking.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I hate to gloat, but I am loving the fact that pretty much everyday the media is uncovering more and more regarding the idiocy of George Bush and his cronies.

The polls are diving, the public opinion is in the toilet, and what's that?...I think I hear the distinct sound of those freakin' Bush/Cheney stickers being peeled of in the cover of night all around the nation.

What more will it take? As of today, we now have VIDEO of Bush getting warned about the concerns regarding Hurricane Katrina. VIDEO...isn't that today's equivalent of the 70's audiotape?...wake up...ding ding ding...WATERGATE!! How much more proof do we need that this bunch is pathetic and unable to keep us safe, or be honest about anything. In fact, the exact opposite is true.