Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Pants!

Happy 4th Birthday, Mason

This buyout is the next step in changing our media for the worse.

If those are the circumstances needed to get a person censured, then why in hell aren't we jumping all over Bush and his entire administration?! Lord knows there are enough misjudgements, failures, and deaths to connect to this misfit bunch of toys.

We have examples galore of "guilty of deception" as well.

The onset of the talks between Bush and Gordon Brown, new UK Prime Minister, brought hope that Brown would reset the relationship between the two powers. I hoped that the changing of the guard would bring an opportunity to repair the joke known as an "alliance". I'm extremely happy to see that things went rather chillily yesterday as our Cowboy in Chief met with Brown. We have to get away from having buddies in other countries. This is important global business, not a kegger at the frat house.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay, so I have been furiously working for the last two weeks to find a music player for this site. As you can tell, I have been victorious! Of course none of this would have been possible without the cunning and wisdom of my lovely JennyB. Thank you so much, my much-better half!

So for those of you who abhor music as you visit sites, hit the stop button and be done with it!

To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy the beautiful music currently playing. Most likely it is from The Pirate Queen Original Broadway Cast Recording. I feel like everyone should hear this gorgeous music that brings me much joy. My BFF, Stephanie J. Block, is a featured voice.

If by chance I have changed the music by the time you read this, go with the flow. It could be Green Day, Billy Bragg, or Public Enemy. Hey! The site is named MY Brain, not Everybody Else's Brain!

If only...

Do you find it funny that the YouTube Democratic debates came and went without a hitch,and no scheduling problems for the candidates came up...noisily excuses about conflicts with fund-raisers...no blatant running and hiding behind the first excuse available?

In the meantime, the Democratic debates were very enlightening and insightful. I rather enjoyed seeing the candidates think quick on their feet if not squirm a bit! Take a few minutes to check out the highlights. You too might learn something too about the people vying for the highest seat in the nation.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

the grassy knoll

Those of you that know me well, most likely chuckle behind my back at my cynicism and how I eagerly take the road toward ConspiracyLand in most situations. These next thought will come as no surprise:
I think the plan to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, which was quietly revealed Saturday night, is really a payback to the Saudis for keeping our oil prices high--which in turn creates more profit for the gas and oil companies in the US. We are now beginning to enter the end of the Bush Administration,(thank God) so it is time to start returning favors, making good on paybacks and pretty much tying up loose ends.
Just a little something I was pondering...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

If He Only HAD a Heart...

July must be Health Month at the White House. Last weekend Bush had his pooper checked, and this weekend Cheney gets his faux heart battery checked out. Is this some right-wing conspiracy attempt to make us believe Dick actually HAS a heart? Hmmm...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I wish I were bewitched...

Friday, July 20, 2007

OMG Becky...

If you start feeling a bit warmer tomorrow for no apparent reason, just remember that Satan himself will be in charge for a couple of hours while W gets his innards checked.

Just look at him...lookin' all smirky and stuff...can't wait to push some buttons or torture some people, or steal some money...hey...wait a minute...!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Oi! I started playing the Wii version of Pirate of the Caribbean At World's End yesterday.

I think I may officially have torn my Wiitator Cuff, or contracted Tennis Wiibow, or at least Tendwiiitis! Nothing but swashbuckle, swashbuckle, swashbuckle!

(leaves to get ice pack...)

Oh! BTW--you never look this good when you Wii!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ahhh...good times

Friday, July 13, 2007

Oops! My bad!

What about the phrase "can I give you a blowjob for $20?" gives cause for a misunderstanding?
Apparently, Rep Bob Allen of Merritt Island, FL was completely "misunderstood" when he propositioned a police officer in a Veteran's Park bathroom with that request. We've got a problem in FL with our politicians. OK, well that is obvious, but it seems like we get in the headlines a lot for this sort of thing.

Anyway, here is Mr. Sexy after being caught.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Its just about to the point of being truly absurd. The absolute hubris and audacity of George Bush is amazing.

The last two weeks has brought nothing but irreverence and disregard for the rules and laws of our country from his White House. We have watched with jaw dropping amazement as he all but pardoned a convicted staff member of leaking the name of a CIA operative, witnessed as he cockishly gave orders for his former or current staff to IGNORE subpoenas issued by Congress regarding the attorney firings, and today he has the most disgusting gall to schluf off the possibility that someone in his administration most likely leaked aforementioned CIA information.

"I'm aware of the fact that perhaps somebody in the administration did disclose the name of that person,"
"And now we're going to move on,''
Whatever happened to Bush vowing to fire the person who did this if they were indeed in his administration? What about all the people in his flock that have been found ABSOLUTELY guilty of confirming Valerie Plame's name? How much more proof do you need? My God, now he is being hit over the head with it and the line in the sand is drawn AGAIN!
"The Scooter Libby decision was, I thought, a fair and balanced decision,'' Bush claimed.
What in the effing world are we waiting for? Does it have to get to the point were he just sits on the balcony of the White House and orders mass executions of puppies with the wave of the hand? Walks down the street and smacks babies in the face? Ruins innocent citizens lives? Steals from the poor to give to the rich? Destroys our name globally?
check check check. 3 of 5 so far. Lock up your puppies and babies.
Not that they give a shit, or read for that matter, but here is the White House email again: comments@whitehouse.gov
Look up your Congressperson and Representatives. Let them know how you feel.
If you never let them know, they assume you don't care. If we don't stop the madness now, he will just continue to blatantly break the law over and over.

...everybody's got one!

Being the self-proclaimed Survey Queen, I am so excited that Blogger has added a new poll taking feature! Check the sidebar to the right for the current poll. I'll try to be good about changing it up every other day or so! Come on! This will be fun! I promise not to make them ALL political!

Give 'em the ole Razzle Dazzle!

Don't pay attention to this: Lalalalala! I'm not listening!

Do pay attention to THIS instead: Terra! Terra! Terra!

What about the words "US Deficit Falls to 205 Billion" should make us proud?

Has it come to this? We are expected to be excited when a couple billion is shaved off and then the credit is given to TAX CUTS! Riiight....
And if it weren't for that pesky war thing, we'd have cut it even more!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All Aboard!

I am soooo for this policy! Sends a VERY clear message about corrupt politics!

Would you trust this man?!

I find it typical yet still intriguing, that the Bush administration continues to lean on the used-to- be-tried-and-true method of reminding us that we could be attacked at any moment by turrrists just about the time they don't want us watching what is going on in Washington.

The latest reminder: Michael Chertoff's "gut feeling"

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time trusting my own gut feeling on simple consumer decisions, so why would I trust the gut feeling of a member of this cult to inform me of something as important as an attack? I'd like some facts please, not whim.

Take a look at this article from India on the subject. Clearly, India knows how to spot an administration that likes to cry wolf.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Someone needs to tell Bush to stop the absurd dragging of the feet...obviously he is just trying to buy time, little by little in order to limp into 2008.
I'm sort of embarrassed to share this, but obviously not too much because I'm going to do it anyway!
I just got the most awesome bootleg DVD copy of "The Pirate Queen" in the mail yesterday! Illegally filmed 4-13-07 on Broadway...close-ups...crystal clear shots...heaven...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Why did we bother drafting a Constitution? Why did our silly forefathers waste their time creating laws, checks and balances? Apparently, civilization has had it all wrong abiding by a set of laws meant to protect us.

My thought is that Bush wasn't paying a lick of attention in History class, or probably any class for that matter, and he figures the laws of this country are merely suggestions.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today is the day!
Make a difference.

Change your light bulbs. Walk don't drive. Recycle.

It doesn't matter what you do, just make sure you do something.
Even the smallest effort makes a difference.

Be proud of the change you make today.

Friday, July 06, 2007

When you were little and saw a news story about the President going to Camp David, did you surmise that Camp David was a place where things were accomplished on a political level? You know, like it must be a really important topic, because all of these really important people from other countries are meeting in this special place with our president to hammer out an agreement while in a lodge type setting.
Maybe it was just me. Maybe that was the mystic I created around that "Camp". I do know that many peace agreements have been forged there, and that Bush has tended to use it for meetings with advisors mostly. No peace agreements happening on his watch, nosiree.

Apparently, this week has been stressful with all the vacationing, commuting and aging. So he has decided to make Camp David his own personal little getaway. Do you think maybe he should have chosen to take Putin there earlier this week instead of home to the vacation house in Maine to snuggle with Mommy & Daddy?
If the Google ad to the right says something about Right Wing t-shirts, DO NOT CLICK!!
(leaves to begin firing off letter to Google Ads)

fruits of labor

This is what happens when you stack the deck: link
This is what a dumbass looks like:

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pot, meet Kettle

Bush had this gem to utter from his hula jaw yesterday in Virginia:

President Bush says America's enemies "believe that if you don't worship the way they see it, then they're going to bring you harm." In a Fourth of July speech to West Virginia National Guard troops and their families, the president said one of the liberties Americans celebrate is freedom of worship. "We believe in an Almighty, we believe in the freedom for people to worship that Almighty. They don't," Bush said.The president said America is fighting enemies who "believe the only way you should worship is the way they choose," and who "will do anything they can to spread that ideology."

Does any of this happen to ring any bells? Hmmm?

great article

Keith Olberman weighs in on this whole commute/pardon mess. Very good thoughts.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Leave it to the illustrious leader of the Right Wing party to take advantage, once again, of a patriotic holiday and try to drum up support of an already failed war. I know this link is to a Fox article, but I thought it was funny how short it is and how even they mention that the crowd was by invitation and comprised of supporters. Of course.

More patience than 111+ US military suicides?

More patience than thousands wounded?

We don't count them because they don't matter.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I shouldn't be surprised. In fact, I expected it. I've come to expect most the criminal behavior that comes from the White House. The commuting of Scooter Libby's sentence is just one in a litany of chest-thumping-fuck-you "what are YOU gonna do about it?" stunts.

It's just disgusting. How much more are our elected Democratic officials going to sit around a take? When do WE get fed up and demand a change? These men are not above the law! This is a democracy with checks an balances in place to insure that our liberties and freedoms are not squandered and stolen. At what point are our voices heard? When was the last time you emailed your senator or congressman and demanded that he or she represent your wishes? Make a call or write an email. If you're as pissed as I am every time something like this occurs, make an effort to make your voice heard. Better yet, call or email the White House and voice your opinion!

not that Dick cares, but vice_president@whitehouse.gov

Try this one for size: Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton served a longer sentence than Scooter Libby. Martha Stewart was found guilty of similar charges as Libby and served 5 months.

Enough is Enough! I'm Back!

After a few months hiatus, thoughtful consideration, and the inability to keep my mouth shut...I have decided to start blogging again. Some of you have asked why I stopped. Some have asked when I would return. Here are the best explanations of both:

1. I stopped because after watching and studying the popular self-help DVD "The Secret" I felt like I may be contributing, in a universal sense, to the continuation of crappy things happening in our world. So, although my original purpose of having a blog was to air my gripes as well as celebrations, I thought that maybe I was helping to create more crap by talking about how crappy things are sometimes. Get it? If not, watch "The Secret"

2. I can no longer hold my tongue regarding some of the things that are happening in our political landscape. I feel like Blogging keeps me plugged in. It makes me think about what is going on around me. I feel that is important. I also like to inform others as much as possible, and if something I say makes you click on a link or research a topic you are unaware of, then I think that offsets any power the topic receives from my rants.
I also miss sharing some of the cool and silly things that happen in my life. example: my countdown clock to the right has expired and I had THE most amazing trip to NYC and I want to share it!

So, I am going to start blogging again. Whew! There I said it! So tell your friends!
The Bitch Is Back!