Monday, November 27, 2006

Sanctity of Marriage Part 1,376, 459.267.098.1


Please tell me why this headline makes sense?

"South Korea to kill cats and dogs over bird flu fears"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

So Typically American

I began the morning after Thanksgiving watching Good Morning America for the latest headlines and live shots of my fellow techies at Best Buys all over the nation. That's what I got.
First I got an urgent story about the fact that Iraq is most likely falling into full blown civil war and they have officially logged the deadliest civilian day so far in the history of this debacle. I saw footage of families digging through rubble to find remains, dead bodies being loaded on carts to remove them from burning debris, civilians holding up photos of loved ones missing which was eerily reminiscent of 9/11.

(dust off hands) Okay, on to the next story: Black Friday is off to an incredible start! Lines of consumers wrapped around the buildings, stampedes of shoppers as the doors open at 5am--4am--12:01am--9pm Thanksgiving night...all for a $2.99 DVD or a free mouse pad.

Doesn't there seem to be an awkward transition between these two stories? It feels strange to me when the top story is so terrible and then we are immediately thrust into a huge story on how greedy/desperate we are. (By desperate I mean that we NEED the bargains in order to have Christmas at all in some cases. That is another blog topic.)

Now don't get me wrong. I have been a part of such lines before. Probably would have been out there again had there been something I really wanted. I am among the worst of the tech heads lusting after the latest gadgets and systems. And girl you know I love a sale! But I, for one, am glad I wasn't part of the hubbub. Not just because I am growing increasingly agoraphobic, but because I would have missed a moment to put myself in someone elses shoes. It just feels wrong to be out slinging ourselves into debt when our fellow man is searching for loved ones in rubble. Rubble that is our fault.

It's no coincidence that the story of this deadly day in Iraq aired when most of America was either asleep or in line at Wal-Mart. It's sort of like the Friday 5:30pm info that gets dribbled every week from the White House. No one pays attention to Friday evening news or Saturday morning papers.
I am increasingly conflicted over this. It has been bothering me a lot. I feel like I need to take some sort of stand. Some sort of boycott. I don't know how to move forward and make a conscious difference. I've long thought of making an ever-changing bumper sticker which posts all of the military and civilian deaths. Not the most positive message but a reminder to those following me in traffic. The problem with that is the accuracy of numbers, especially the Iraqi deaths. Try to get a straight answer on that one! I could shoot for 100K+ and be safe.

Why in the world do we stand for another country experiencing daily civilian deaths, when if that were happening here there would be immediate outrage, special commissions, tribute songs and of course a ribbon.
3,709 Iraqi civilians died in the month of October.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Please, all we need is this bunch of evil rich white guys to own a company that can bring them closer to implanting us all!
I know...I just went off the deep end. You too can come along. Just a do a bit of research on this evil group yourself.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

As if we didn't already know it, the GOP is made up of a gaggle of old white male bigots. They proved it yesterday. Trent Lott is back in the fold. Unanimously chosen to be the Minority Whip.
Have you any idea just how bad the bigotry is in this man? It is well documented. It is no secret, especially to his fellow cronies in the Grand Old Party. Makes me nauseous.

This whole thing perfectly expresses and proves my point about Republicans.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time for everyone's favorite game...

"Name That Thought"!

We may never know their true thoughts (if any) but the story is here.

Monday, November 13, 2006

proof of the proof

See my previous post which reiterates this point!

proof that a skanky man trumps talent and ambition everytime

Okay, maybe I was a bit hasty with the word "talent" may not apply in all cases!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Proof that you can get just about anything you want on the Internet:

Amazed daily...

Most Ridiculous, yet not surprising, Quote by a Bushie This Week

" Well, I was just listening to Rush, and he's always on
top of things..."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it's a beautiful day!

It seems that with every turn today there is good news, good news, good news! I am loving the hell out of how good it feels to be a Democrat today! Finally, vindication that I haven't been crazy for the last 6 years!

Now let's get some work done. Let's undo some of the crazy crap that has been going on. Let's start to repair our name. Let's start to walk taller and feel prouder about who we are. Let's enjoy the collective exhale with the rest of the world as they watch what we did yesterday. We got off our butts and stopped the Fascism Express! Well done! Thank you for voting!

oops she really did it again!

This just keeps getting better and beter!

What happened to the sanctity of marriage?!

#2 is almost in the books

I mean, the cornrows alone are a reason to keep this pitiful excuse around, right?

Personally the crotch grabbing at the KidsChoice Awards would have made me start to second guess my choices for partner and sperm donor, but hey not my place to say.

RIP Spederline

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How sad to see this story today not only my local paper, but in almost every major newspaper including the New York Times.

I can remember spending my summers and a yearly school field trip at Gatorland Zoo in Kissimmee. It was our closest local attraction long before the roads were littered with tacky tourist shops hocking "10 t-shirts for $10" and it felt like an adventure to an 8 year old on a school bus of 3rd graders and sack lunches.

I know somewhere I have a picture of me and my friends in front of the famous alligator mouth entrance. It was so cool to touch the teeth and quietly fantasize that I was really walking through the mouth of an alligator. Those same jaws served as a landmark along Orange Blossom Trail as I rode to Orlando with my family. I would obsessively scan the landscape for those big white teeth. Even as I grew up and the attraction became more popular, it remained a nice childhood memory and a touchstone in my life. I still catch myself looking for those teeth when I am there.

whatever you do...


and here's one more:

Monday, November 06, 2006


Apparently Charlie Crist is the one who has turned up absent! Funny since his campaign against Jim Davis is built on spreading the rumor that Davis never shows up for work!!

But really, are there that many people running for an office this term that WOULD like to be seen with Bush right now?!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Photoshop 101

Someone in the Bush administration needs to learn a wee bit more about Photoshop! This is just too good!

dust off the blue shirt

Anyone else ever notice that any time Bush needs to gain popularity (sinking polls, midterm elections, botched hurricane relief...) he breaks out the blue shirt and rolls up his sleeves? Is this supposed to make us think he is a blue collar kind of guy, a hard worker, a person in touch with the everyday man? What a load of crap. All week long he has been prancing around in that tired old shirt. It takes a lot more than a shirt sans suit jacket to get my attention. He may want to try actually doing some work on the people's dime instead of jetting all around the country campaigning for midterm lost causes. Until then, enjoy the many shades of the blue shirt:

I could go on and on...

off my chest

Fired off this email today. Makes me feel better at least.

American Red Cross,

I have chosen to unsubscribe from your newsletters due to news I heard recently regarding donations.

I find it hard to believe that at a time of need, the American Red Cross put politics ahead of urgency and refused a 1 million dollar donation from The Dixie Chicks. Hard to believe, heartbreaking and extremely telling.

I myself have been involved in fundraising efforts for both September 11th and Hurricane Katrina which were directly donated to the Red Cross. God forbid tragedies like those happen again, but if they do, you can be assured that I will be sending our efforts to other organizations ready to receive money from everyone---equally.

Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list.

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Gainesville, FL

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If you want a huge laugh, go to this site. It is just amazing what the other half of America listens to and believes. I personally can't do more than laugh at the incredible stupidity and boorishness.

eating our own...again

You know, we only had one week to go. One lousy week left until we had a great chance at taking back the House and Senate. Leave it to the Democrats to decide to eat their own kind and jump on the Republican bandwagon of Kerry Bashing. Instead of keeping our eyes on the prize, ignoring the usual Republican baiting, and keeping the real issues in the forefront, some Dems have decided to jump ship and bash Kerry as well, hoping to gain some momentum from moderate voters.

Instead of demanding an apology from Kerry for an obvious mistake, why aren't we asking for an apology from the Bush League? Has anyone asked for an apology from Rumsfeld for sending our troops into harm's way unprepared? Has anyone asked Cheney to apologize for admitting that we waterboard for torture, clearly endangering troops? Has anyone asked Bush for an apology for just being a plain ol' dumbass. That's an apology I want to hear. We all deserve that one.

So for the next few days while the media has a field day and basks in the splendor of scandal, take the time to refocus yourselves and anyone around you on the real issues. Remind people as much as possible that the real scandal is that we are stuck in a war of choice with no hope or plan of returning home. We can't lose sight of that until every last troop is home.