Wednesday, November 01, 2006

eating our own...again

You know, we only had one week to go. One lousy week left until we had a great chance at taking back the House and Senate. Leave it to the Democrats to decide to eat their own kind and jump on the Republican bandwagon of Kerry Bashing. Instead of keeping our eyes on the prize, ignoring the usual Republican baiting, and keeping the real issues in the forefront, some Dems have decided to jump ship and bash Kerry as well, hoping to gain some momentum from moderate voters.

Instead of demanding an apology from Kerry for an obvious mistake, why aren't we asking for an apology from the Bush League? Has anyone asked for an apology from Rumsfeld for sending our troops into harm's way unprepared? Has anyone asked Cheney to apologize for admitting that we waterboard for torture, clearly endangering troops? Has anyone asked Bush for an apology for just being a plain ol' dumbass. That's an apology I want to hear. We all deserve that one.

So for the next few days while the media has a field day and basks in the splendor of scandal, take the time to refocus yourselves and anyone around you on the real issues. Remind people as much as possible that the real scandal is that we are stuck in a war of choice with no hope or plan of returning home. We can't lose sight of that until every last troop is home.

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