Monday, April 07, 2008

As my Twitter updates denote, I spent some lovely time yesterday with the Best Buy Geek Squad which so far has yielded me nothing more than an empty spot on my desk. I had to leave my PC with them for the third time in six months. Maybe this time they will fix it. My hopes are high since I diagnosed the problem thus narrowing down the search. I know they know way more than me, but I have had my PC returned with the words "healthy system" noted on my invoice now twice, only to find that the problem is in fact still there! So much for them doing a thorough job in the diagnosis department.
So, now the fun begins. I most likely will be PC-free for two weeks. My lovely is letting me post from her fancy-schmancy in the meantime. So, to sum up, I have no PC, I am not gaming right now due to lack of inspiring material, the pool is still too cold to swim...what am I supposed to do with myself? Read????? gasp!

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Anonymous said...

Gasp!!! Sorry to hear about your computer. Two weeks! Yikes!!! bh