Monday, October 02, 2006

Four days!

I woke up this morning with a great feeling!

Today begins a frenzy of good activity centered around the house sale, but it also starts the three very busy days at the office that lead up to our trip to Chicago!

I have been following castcom for The Pirate Queen for the last two weeks and this weekend was the last posting, leaving people like me hanging in the balance until the show opens tomorrow! I suppose they deserve a couple of days to pull it all together without checking in on the needy fans! Theatre aside, I am looking forward to going back to Chicago and seeing a bit more of that great city. We intend to branch out a bit more from the last trip, and definitely try some new vegetarian restaurants we have heard about since last May.

Stay tuned for lots of twists and turns in my mood. I hope this new St. John's Wort is up for the challenge!

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