Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Republicans are so all over the place with this Mark Foley thing. Yet again, someone from their party has been caught doing something gross and immoral. Yet again it is someone from Florida. Must we always be involved?

I thought it interesting that when the story broke, details were missing that he was speaking with male pages in these emails and IMs. Now of course we know it for fact, but I thought it was telling that the Gay Bashing Party didn't feel the need to immediately disclose all the info in this case. Had this been a Democrat The Washington Times headline would have screamed "Gay Page Scandal" or "Dem Caught With Pants Down" Something stupid and tabloidy like that.

Now that the details are ickily out in the open, all the Bushies are running around crying ignorance. The whole "I didn't know about it" defense gets very tired after 5 yrs. Maybe Dennis Hastert should look up from his piles of money every now and again and take note of how his majority is behaving.
Link to Rachel Maddow for the disturbing IMs and emails.

It didn't take long for Tony Snow to allude that worse things have happened in Washington than some "naughty emails". That's right you little minion...bring it back to Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

Minion!!! Man, you crack me up! We should be so lucky to have Clinton back in the Whitehouse! I wish! I love your way with words. Love, Bren