Wednesday, October 25, 2006

pencil them in!

Now, let it be said that I do like Katie Holmes a lot--albeit a little less since she has gone off the deep end with Tom and his gazillions. I also used to like Tom a lot more. That being said, I am having a hard time getting all worked up over the fact that a date has been set for their pending nuptuals.
Every time I see the media falling all over themselves to herald another celebrity wedding I am painfully reminded of how many times each celebrity has been married already, and the fact that I am not afforded the same opportunities. I have said many times that my relationship of 13 years is no more valid with that piece of paper, but the benefits that go along with the acknowledgement are worth the process.
So as we prepare anxiously for Tom Cruise's THIRD marriage, keep in mind that some of us honor the vows we privately made one time in our lives 13 years ago at Paines Prarie.

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i love you!