Saturday, September 23, 2006

worthy legacy

Bill Clinton has made better use of his time as a global leader than any former president since Jimmy Carter. These two men have made lasting change and progress in the efforts to recognize this planet as a global community instead of leading with blinders to the rest of the world.
Only a true global leader could affect change the way Bill Clinton did this week. While Bush played middle school playground games with other world leaders, Bill made headway in our efforts to stop/change/reverse our damage to the planet. This article makes me proud to be a Democrat.
I don't give a crap what happens in your bedroom or office, providing it's consensual, if what you accomplish in your job is for the greater good. This is proof of how to use your ties to the wealthy and help others instead of lining your own greedy pockets.

Bush has made it very clear that he is not concerned with what history will say about him, "I won't be around" (squirrely laugh)

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