Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen...

I may have never known about this had Natalie Maines not mentioned it at The Dixie Chicks concert last night in Atlanta, (which I excitedly attended!)but apparently Britney Spears decided it was a great idea to go out on the town. No big deal, right? Well, yes very big deal when you decide to go out on the town with Paris Hilton, wear a mini-dress and Oops! forget to wear underwear!! WTF! Who forgets to put on underwear when you are in positions to flash your goodies to the entire world?! Don't believe it? Link up, my friend and prepare to be shocked and confused!
You can Google "Britney no panties" and get the unedited versions if you desire.

Think this was a oopsey or just a clever Photoshop job? Nope. Not the first time it has happened!

Sidenote: Natalie told us all to be sure to check out Pink Is The New Blog for special shots of Brit because she had recently been dedicating the Dixie Chicks hit "White Trash Wedding" to more...that dubious honor now goes to Britney! Classic!

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