Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wow! Where do I start? It has been a busy news week, but I have had little time to post because demolition started on our master bath this week! Sooo, my week thus far has been spent supporting my dad and over-zealous-power-tool-wielding-girlfriend. By supporting, of course, I mean wringing my hands, peeking around corners, and yelling "Everything okay?" up the stairs.

HEY! Every team needs a support system!

So bear with me. I have some catching up to do, important points to make, and the usual blah blah blah.
(leaves to check on strange sound coming from upstairs)

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Anonymous said...

How old are you? You need your daddy to help you? Not only help but do all the work for you. Just like a dem need someone else to do your work for you. You may call it a "support team" I call it being a welfare recipient.