Saturday, September 22, 2007

Edit re: taser incident

edit: After letting the dust settle and the facts to float to the top of the "Student Tasered at Kerry Speech" story, I have a slight edit/more to say:

  1. I still think the UPD reached for the taser a bit too fast.
  2. I still think this is not a political story, although valiant attempts were made to make it look like John Kerry himself tasered the student.
  3. However, I now know that the kid was looking for a spectacle to occur. He entered the auditorium hoping for something outrageous. He has a history of pulling outlandish pranks and making a disturbance at group gatherings one of which occurred just before the whole taser event. He is a button-pusher and instigator. I think we all figured that out when it was revealed that he was the guy responsible for the "Harry Dies" uproar this summer.
  4. I still think he didn't deserve to be tasered, but it seems that is exactly the sort of thing he wanted to have happen. Wish granted.


Anonymous said...

I agree. bh

Revday said...

My sister, the cop, says tasers are bad business. She doesn't like them at all, her and most people who get hit with them. The ones that they shoot at a person leave the person unable to do anything but scream uncontrollably or clamp down their mouths tight. (along with the occasional side affect of death) So when the kid was yelling I wondered what was really happening. He sounded coherent; using distinct sentences and ideas. Must not have been much of a jolt. I think the tasers most cops have are too strong but they often beat guns and sister says that they have seriously cut down on perp's acting out. So....

Anonymous said...

He got the attention he was after...and while maybe the UPD cops may have been a little quick on using the taser, he got what he wanted. I agree, it wasn't much of a jolt given he was still mouthing off! RN