Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The story dominating the news headlines today, including the top story on Google News is that a UF student, while attending a John Kerry speech, was tasered for disruptive behavior.

First let me say that I think the UF campus police most likely got a little Barney Fife-ish and pulled the trigger on the taser gun a bit too fast. It wasn't like this was a huge crowd, or a rowdy bunch of protesters. The guy got a bit overzealous and wanted to ask more than one question. So what? The UF police came in to remove him and ended up handcuffing him because he continued to escalate the situation. In my opinion, after they got the guy on the ground, handcuffed, they should have just shuttled him out, but someone got itchy and pulled the taser trigger. Bad decision.

My biggest problem with this headline story is that the right wing nuts are trying desperately to spin this as John Kerry's fault. If it weren't so pathetic it would be funny.
Just look at the headlines meant to catch reader's attention and spin a negative story:

"Student Tasered for Armed Madhouse Question to Kerry"
"Andrew Meyer Taser Video: Heckles John Kerry, Gets Tasered by Cops"
"Man Makes Embarrassing Questions To Kerry, Hit With Taser"
"Police use stun gun on student as Senator John Kerry looks on"
It goes on and on. I'm not saying that the articles don't set the story straight, but the headlines make it sound like John Kerry ordered the hit. In a time when most of us don't take the time to read an article to find out the whole "truth", this kind of journalism continues the spinning that the Bush Whitehouse has made the order of the day. Where is the headline reprimanding the UF police for being trigger happy?
Liberal Media indeed.
edit: after posting this I have thought a little more about this story and although I still blame the Police department for jumping the gun, I also think this whole thing is indicative of a larger problem. We are ultimately being censored at every turn. Our current climate demands such behavior. If we, the people, aren't in lock-step with the masses, we should expect to be tasered. I also increasingly agree that it would have been great if someone other than ONE student in the auditorium had protested or spoken up in Meyer's defense. I eagerly welcome any comments!


Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence with this one. From the footage I saw, the police jumped in too soon. However, the guy who got tasered was being so obnoxious I sort of wanted to tase him myself. But, people have been getting on my nerves lately and I've been kind of wanting to mace someone. So I guess I'm a little trigger happy these days! bh

Anonymous said...

I too am on the fence. While I don't like the fact of shutting down freedom of speech, i.e. censoring, the student should have just walked away without all of the drama he enticed. It seemed as though he was trying to grab as much attention as he could get. RN

Anonymous said...

After finding out more information on this event, I think that this guy wanted all of this attention. I won't go so far as to say he wanted to be tased, however, you just don't flail around while the police are trying to handcuff you unless you are in some Pink Panther movie. In fact, that might be the last time I saw such a display, Inspector Cleuseau trying to get the suspects last arm in the handcuffs and the bad guy just keeps moving his arm around....hehehe I love that movie...anyway, I mean even OJ walked out peacefully in handcuffs this week...and I wish they had been tasing him all the way to the jail house!! I digress.
According to the police report the UF student was acting all Paris Hilton on them...quiet and demure while the cameras weren't on him, but then turning on the "they are going to kill me" and "they are turning me over to the government" gobbledy goop when cameras were around. Maybe I'm old school but if I am getting handcuffed by people that have tasers and guns.. I am all about yes sir and no sir! The truth is...the question session was over..he pushed his way to the mic (after giving his camera to someone to video him) and the proceeded to yell at John Kerry and not let him reply. The organizer of the even told the police to remove him...and then the flailing started. If anybody can tell me where this kid hangs out I might tase him myself...just because!!!aaarrrgggghhhh!jb

Anonymous said...

jb - You are hilarious!!!! I giggled through your entire rant! After I found out this is the same guy who held up the "Harry died" sign I wanted to mace and taser him myself! I really don't like violence, but this dude was just being ridiculous. Normally I would be on the dude's side - but this guy just seemed so fake and over the top that I wanted to smack him. I am still on the fence with this one - I guess I need a more sympathetic dude. This guy just seemed so insincere. I guess that shouldn't matter, but..... bh