Tuesday, October 30, 2007

just for a good chuckle

Watch the right-winger news, or surf around and just take note of how scared the Republicans are of Hillary. chuckle.

edit: I suppose I should explain why I felt the need to post this observation.
I had the distinct pleasure of some light political jousting with one of our right-winger patients today. As per our office policy, I did not bring up politics, or even dangle a political carrot, but Hillary came up nonetheless. Apparently, to this woman, if you are a liberal female then you automatically are a Hillary supporter and thereby open for attack. whatever.
As she strolled by my desk, taunting me, she said with smirky giggle, "I guess I won't even tell you my views on why America isn't ready for a woman president." Now folks, that is like telling a kid not to touch presents under the tree, however, I told her she was probably right.
I think I had reached my stupid-right-winger-talking-point-regurgitation quota for the day. All I said was "Boy, you guys are scared of her!" followed by my own smirky giggle.

In the meantime, the world creeps by us. We didn't notice though. Our noses were too high in the air.

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