Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary to My Brain!
Can you even believe it? Not only have I stuck with this crazy thing for two years, but so have you! Wow! You guys have got some kind of endurance to hang with me and my ramblings for this long!
Those of you that have been with me since the start know that things have come and gone, but one thing has stayed consistent---my disgust for George W. Bush!
So, let's raise a 40 to our Dumbass in Chief, thank him for all the material, and look forward to next November 21st when we have a new Democratic president!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! You are an amazing blogger! bh

Revday said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! I sure do enjoy reading what is going on for you. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans!! Glad you are sticking with it. RN