Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rescue TerraCycle!

In what seems to be the next step in the Scotts Company's attempt to dominate the world, they have brought suit against a little upstart company named TerraCycle for what amounts to using two of the same colors Scott's uses on their Miracle Grow product. You do the math:Do these packages look even remotely the same? I mean there are some similarities, but really, they are totally different. I hardly believe we have a rash of angry consumers returning to stores because they were duped into buying the wrong product!

Scott's has unleashed a pack of corporate lawyers to sue TerraCycle because its recycled packages have green and yellow labels! Last time I checked, corporations cannot own colors and most garden-care companies go for the color combination of green and yellow anyway. Could it be that Scott's, who controls 60% of the lawn and garden market, is a bit worried about a company that has figured out how to be truly "green" and give us as consumers a way to naturally treat our plants with the same results as synthetic Miracle Grow? Hmmm?

TerraCycle's product is an ecofriendly plant food made of liquified worm poop! Now before you gross out, it is also known as compost tea which is basically the nutrient rich by-product of good healthy soil. They have figured out a way to make this tea, and bottle it in recovered plastic drink and water bottles collected by schools and charities. How great is that for Karma?! The product is awesome and can now be purchased at Home Depot and Lowes.

So here is your call to action:
#1 Go buy a bottle of TerraCycle Plant Food, use it, watch your plants turn into The Little Shop of Horrors!
#2 Visit to find out more

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