Saturday, December 29, 2007

I find it interesting that one of the prevailing headlines today regarding Benazir Bhutto's death and our presidential hopefuls include how Hillary and Barack are benefiting from this tragic event. Much was made of statements from both candidates regarding the happenings although I expected as much. Each needs to show strength in regards to situations like these. I personally didn't find anything offensive at the onset. *more on that later*
I also found it comforting to know that John Edwards immediately made a phone call to Musharraf himself to urge the dictator to go ahead with the elections planned for January 8th. Nice touch. Also seen coming from a mile away was Rudy's brisk comments regarding the events. Surprise, surprise, he wasted no time linking extremism, terrorism, and 9/11 to this event thereby making him the best candidate with the biggest penis, er... I mean toughest stance on terror.
"Vote for me!"

In the meantime, not many are reporting on Republican frontrunner Mike Huckabee's reaction to Bhutto's death. This guy is a buffoon on foreign policy. Maybe that is why he is the GOP frontrunner...hmmm. Watch his reaction to Benazir's death.

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