Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Law of Attraction

Okay, so some of you know that we have been watching the house across the street, which has been on the market for a few months, hoping that when someone finally buys it, they will be of a particular ilk, type, and style. (Don't look down on us! You all do it too. Whether it is a house, an apartment, a dorm room, or a seat at the movie theatre for that matter!)
Practicing the Law of Attraction, we devised a list of who would move in across from us and help keep our street cohesive (read: quiet, old, quiet, responsible, and quiet):
  • retired, or empty-nesters
  • a gay, male couple
  • middle-aged
  • childless
  • big, burly, take-no-shit-retired policeman (to help with the doofs beside us)

Now, stand in amazement as I describe our new neighbors that will be moving into the house across the street from us in February:

  • retired Navy Officer and his partner, Monroe
  • a gay, male couple
  • both appear to be in their 50's
  • no children, two Boston Terriers
  • average sized, but most likely knows how to be a no-shit-taker when needed being as he's retired Navy

People! I am not kidding you on this! I keep looking out the window to make sure "Monroe" is really a guy and not just a burly girl, (although that would work too!) but since Monroe has a beard, I'm guessing we are good on the guy part! This stuff works! We got exactly what we wished for!!

So here is proof that "The Secret" works! The Law of Attraction works! Quantum Physics works!

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