Thursday, January 10, 2008

Anyone else find it interesting and hypocritical that the lead story on the network news Monday night was the fact that the perceived Ice Princess, Hillary Clinton, appeared to show some emotion while addressing supporters at a coffee shop stop in New Hampshire?

my thoughts:
  • the media has been drooling for this moment. It's a win-win for them in the form of a two pathed storyline. #1 "The Robot Cries" or #2 "An Emotional Wreck" What freedom of choice!!!

  • really, Hillary was screwed either way on this lapse of emotionlessness (word?)

  • did any of us hear a peep about the fact that Mitt Romney cried THREE times in front of supporters including on "Meet the Press" in the last couple of months? Hmmmm...?

  • do you think the emotion Hillary shared set her up for this moment?

  • We will never be able to elect the first female president, whether it's Hillary or not, as long as we continue to choose the side of cattiness, hypocrisy, and insecurity. Women could very well be the group that puts Hill in the White House, but we could also be the group that eats it's own. Case in point: Maureen Dowd


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