Saturday, January 19, 2008

Does anyone else remember the $300 check each of us received from George Bush right after he took office? It was meant to help ease our "tax burden". What it really ended up being was a limp, dehydrated carrot being dangled in front of us so we wouldn't notice the huge tax cuts he installed for the upper upper class.

Fast forward to current day, and here we go again. You most likely have heard that Bush has rolled out an economic stimulus plan for us commoners. It could result in and $800 shot into each of our bank accounts. Now, according to his plan, we are expected to run out and spend it, thereby boosting the economy. I won't pretend to understand how me spending even more money at Best Buy helps anyone.
(In truth what should happen is that we all put it into a high yielding money market account and watch it grow into something that can actually be used to help each of us in our later life, because most likely the money is coming right out of the Social Security coffers. fat chance on any of us doing that.)
This whole thing sounds like another case of Bush doing the easy thing as opposed to doing the right thing. Repealing tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, and ending the war are the real answers.
blah blah blah. SSDD.

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