Wednesday, February 13, 2008

you know she's no good

I have gone on the record as recently as last year to state that we have a plethora of drug adled starlets in our midst. Clearly we have met our quota. I have lumped Amy Winehouse into that sad group, and rightly so. Her offstage, and sometimes onstage antics have plopped her squarely in that mix. I mean really...just do a YouTube search for yourself.

I am, however, smart enough to seperate the girls social antics from her sheer and undisputed talent.

I watched the Grammy's Monday afternoon (tip: always TiVo awards shows) with high hopes for her victory and rise from the ashes. I was not dissapointed. Amy came away as the clear winner and ultimately we, the consumer, are so much the better for it. Her style, and flair for the early days of the girl group sound of the 60's meshes intriguingly with her chest thumping gansta rap shout-outs. I personally can help but giggle when she performs because it is somewhat quirky and endearing.

That being said, I watched her accept her gold grammophone statues with a look on her face that was truly sad and touching. When her name was announced, an expression of disbelief and surprise covered her face. As this unfolded all I could think of was the little girl inside who was genuinely surprised that millions of people really like her and appreciate her talent. It was as if this little girl has been so lost in the world of drugs, that the true reality of life and the success of her adult career were somehow kept from her.
My hope is that this new realization helps keep this young girl on the path to rehabilitation. I'll be rooting for her.

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