Monday, March 24, 2008

No More Kings

Back from an absolutely wonderful trip to the DC area. We had a great time visiting friends, new and old, site-seeing in our nation's capital, and optimizing the nervous system of a horse named Gratitude. great name, huh? While Jen evaluated the horse, I poked around and took shots of existing structures and surroundings. Isn't it funny how a new environment brings new eyes? I love when that happens.
So after our first barn visit we decided to head into the city for a few hours before our scheduled night tour of the monuments. I'm extremely proud, and not at all surprised, at our navigation of yet another subway system. I had previously vowed to boycott DC until the buffoon named George was gone, but I'm glad I didn't wait until the slimy veil lifts. For those of you worried that I may get in trouble, arrested or end up on the news while visiting, you'll be happy to know that I managed to restrain myself, be a good girl and shot only one bird towards the White House during the trip. (give it up for progress!) On a trip to DC when I was a kid, we were able to get a lot closer to the White House. I remember being right out on the street in front. Now, you can only get as close as the tents you see in the photo, which look very close, but are actually a good bit from the front gate. Everything here is so close, yet so far away and removed. Very guarded with the appearance of openness. Sound familiar?

Here are some great shots of our escapades. We really did have a great time, and are already talking about what to do next time. Thank you to Kay and Sherry for being world class hosts and making us feel so at home and welcome! We love you!

The Lincoln Memorial is by far the most awe inspiring sight in DC. By day or night, the statue is just incredible and the words of Lincoln which surround the monument are applicable and pertinent even today. Take time to read the Gettysburg Address. Timeless.

This is the ceiling in the Lincoln Memorial. Couldn't resist taking a pic.

As you leave Lincoln, there is a spectacular, quiet reminder that greatness is still afoot. Imagine standing on this spot of granite on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivering this great speech, or being fortunate enough to look up those same steps and hear it delivered. It was incredible to look out across the Mall and imagine what that must have been like.

Albert Einstein Memorial

We went on a guided night tour which was wonderful! At the risk of sounding like a fuddy-duddy, I enjoy a tour. There I said it. I enjoy being driven around a city I am unfamiliar with, whilst being fed information about said city. It is informative, yet there is no stress involved regarding traffic. Ain't 'shamed.

Sherry, Peanut, Kay and me at the Lincoln Memorial

It wouldn't be my blog if I didn't take the opportunity to voice my feelings about being in our nation's capital during wartime. The vast majority of the memorials and monuments we saw were for wars past. I found it to be very unsettling that we as a nation are stuck on a hamster wheel that creates conflict abroad and rushes home to make a pretty statue or fountain that we can visit hoping to wash away the guilt of our support after such ventures have gone awry. I, by no means, am taking anything away from the artists commissioned to create these incredible memorials. They are stunning, thought-provoking, and altogether beautiful. The reasons we have them are the sad, unfortunate, regrettable part.

Korean War Iwo Jima World War II
Vietnam War
Then after a day of mostly war memorials, we ended up at the FDR Memorial and what a refreshing treat to experience the wisdom of one of our great leaders. I regret that I don't have many photos due to the lack of light, but the site is well done and absolutely beautiful. A maze of granite is filled with quotes and excerpts from speeches reminding us what government should be, used to be, and hopefully will be again soon: advocates for it's citizens.

So that was it. We had a wonderful, enlightening time and most of all got to spend some quality time with our friends. We flew out the next morning very early, and for one last beautiful sight we were treated to the Reagan National Airport.

horrible president: awesome airport


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Very nice. Thanks for sharing the great pics! I am going to DC in May and this post gets me even more excited! RN

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Wow! Great photos. Thanks for sharing. bh