Monday, May 12, 2008

Broadway Monday

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee In April of 2005 the quirky little show with the long name opened at the Circle on the Square Theatre on Broadway to rave reviews. A-C-C-O-L-A-D-E-S was the next word used to describe the show as it won two Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical and Best Featured Actor in 2005. It seemed that the little show with the small set, no intermission, and ultimately a lesson for life was here to stay!

This hilarious tale of 6 overachievers and the angst they experience competing for the spelling championship of a lifetime became the unlikeliest of hit musicals about the unlikeliest of heroes: "a quirky yet charming set of outsiders for whom a spelling bee is the one place where they can stand out and fit in at the same time."

The Bee ended it's run in January 2008, but left us all with the great lesson that winning isn't everything, and losing doesn't necessarily make you a loser. Definitely one of my favorites!

Olive Ostrovsky prepares to sing "My Friend, the Dictionary"

We picked up this show last May and have been singing the score ever since! The evening was particularly eventful for us because Bill and Chelsea Clinton and Hillary's mom were in the audience! What a treat! I nearly broke my arm to get a few very blurry pictures off before the ushers started screaming at everyone! I have often thought of this night as a two-for-one show since I spent a large majority of my time looking over to catch their reaction to certain jokes. How very distracting it is to be in the same room with someone you admire and respect while they just do normal stuff like watch a play with their family. It was just weird! And by weired I mean cool.

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