Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Now THIS is called making a change!

Say what you want about Ikea, yes their stuff is cheap (sometimes it's quality cheap too) but mostly they have innovative ideas about products and styles. I for one an mesmerized when I enter a store. It's what it must feel like to smoke crack. That's it! It's affordable domestic decorating crack! I feel better now that I have named it.

Back on point...In March 2007, Ikea challenged their customers to use less plastic and encouraged them to "Bag the Plastic" cutting the plastic bag use to 50% in their stores. I was astounded to see that not only did they hit the goal, but obliterated it by reducing plastic bag use by 92%! WOW! Read the full press release here.

So, a polite tennis clap goes out to Ikea for the encouragement/forward thinking, and a huge Arsenio Hall salute to customers for heeding the call, looking ahead, and thinking about our planet. Now take a deep clean breath because through the details of this program, Ikea has planted over 725,000 trees to help reduce their carbon footprint.**IMHO, the only way we are going to solve this plastic bag situation effectively is to attack it like Ikea. Do not make the choice paper or plastic. The choice should be: #1 no bag, #2 remember to bring your own reusable bags, #3 pay for your bags ($.50 ea) or #4 schlep your stuff out to the car by hand and deal with the black bean cans rolling all over your floorboard and driveway and maybe then you'll remember your own bags next time! :) **

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