Friday, July 25, 2008

lifestyle change

For the last two years specifically we have been trying to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our waste, recycle more, aspire to be more Gore-like essentially.
Two weekends ago we made another huge jump in changing our habits/lifestyle. Long having been a two car family, we realized that a majority of the time we really don't need two cars, and hey wouldn't it be nice to not have a car payment while we're at it? We had been toying with the idea of trading my beloved Khaki in on either an electric car or a Prius for a few months already.

We found a dealer in town that sells electric cars, but current legislation mandates that they be able to go at least 45 mph and most affordable options go 40 mph max. So electric was tabled until legislation comes around. tick tock.

Plan B: scooters

We live in a university town and scooters are everywhere! We figured that if twenty-something, flip-flop wearin', earbuds intact, half-drunk coeds can safely arrive at class sans helmets, surely we fortyish helmet wearing, rules of the road abiding, lucid, Nervous Nellies can take a shot at this! At 70-80 mpg the idea started to become more appealing. Our commute to work is 4 miles one way and we do that 4 times a day, 4 days per week. That figures out to be about two gallons of gas per week for the two of us. This started sounding better and better!

So, two days of hemming and hawing behind us, we are pleased to introduce to you:

Maude and Rhoda

(off to look for stickers to decorate!)


Anonymous said...

OMG! Beautiful!!! bh

Revday said...

Arlo Guthrie, The Motorcycle Song.

I'm loving it!

Here is my unsolicited advise, 'cause I care. You may already know this but I would feel better knowing I said it to you. I've ridden bikes since I was 14. So....
Even if those kids wear crap while they are riding be sure and wear Boots or hard soled shoes, with hard or reinforced toes, that won't come off, jackets with padded arms, they make 'em for hot weather, and your helmets. These are still motorcycles. People here mistake them for toys and are getting hurt. Car people don't see motorcycles. Drive like those people probably don't see you and then you will be alright. Motorcycle shops carry the best gear. My sister and I always hit the Harley shops. We a Harley riding family! I recently acquired leather hand grips with long fringe for my mobility scooter! Rather then hit something lay that scoot over sideways. Just drop it right there. No fooling. You could practice on the grass. When you hit the brakes hard the back end is gonna come around anyway.
I would buy one in a minute if the streets of Atlanta were safer. I am proud of what you are doing. Y'all are an inspiration.
Be safe and have fun!

g8rlane said...

Thank you everyone for the support and great advice! We sooo appreciate the happiness for us and our new girls! Unfortunately we have been met with some poo-pooers and it kind of takes the wind out of our green sails! Mwaah to you all! XOXO