Tuesday, July 01, 2008

proud mother

Some of you know that we have been working with Mason a lot lately on swimming in the new pool. After an impromptu plunge a few weeks ago, and the subsequent sinking like a stone, we thought he needed to know what to do in case we weren't close at hand.

Fetch Dog has an awesome life vest that fits the bill and looks quite handsome on him if I do say so myself!

He has been reluctantly practicing, and learning to find the steps, pull himself out, and promptly get lots of love and praise. Sounds easy, right?
This weekend we were playing around in the pool and Mason fell in after a toy. We both just let him take care of the situation alone and after falling completely underwater, he emerged and instantly swam to the steps and pulled himself out!

I won't lie. I had a lump in my throat.


Revday said...

What a Good & Brave Mason!

Anonymous said...

GO MASON!!!! bh