Monday, August 11, 2008

Broadway Monday

August: Osage County

Meet the Westons

"A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harboring shady little secrets.

When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after dad disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. Mix in Violet, the drugged-up, scathingly acidic matriarch, and you’ve got a major new Broadway play that unflinchingly – and uproariously – exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family."
Last visit to New York, I toyed with the idea of seeing this play. It was pre-Tony Awards and the buzz told me it would be a winner and most likely a good purchase. However, every time I read something about it or heard someone talk, inevitably the word "dysfunction" crept into the description and I could almost physically feel myself shrink back from the box office. Those of you that know me, know I have more than enough real life family dysfunction going on to house 10 Broadway theatres. So, we settled for hearing how great it was, how funny/sad it was, and how it did indeed win the 2008 Tony for Best Play, and the 2008 Pulitzer Prize.

I am still curious about the play. Call me a glutton for punishment. I will most likely consider seeing on tour which will hopefully quench my curiosity.

August: Osage County is currently playing at the Imperial Theatre.

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