Sunday, August 24, 2008

financially ok

I went to an estate sale last weekend that yielded a couple of cool mid-century finds and an afternoon's entertainment talking about the characters in attendance.

This sale had some of the usual items, but what we found odd was a number of scrapbooks and photo albums with what most would assume were important pictures and mementos. These books were strewn about and priced accordingly although most people thumbed through them as a gateway to the next bauble.
One of the personal books we found was a daily planner type binder, replete with a set of goals, reminders and affirmations. At the top of one page was written, "I am financially ok." The person who owned this binder had meticulously mapped out their financial goals for retirement with dates that showed the money ending in 2012. As we noticed the date written we both said "They made it!"
In the turmoil of a downward turning economy, it was pretty cool to see that someone hit the goal, and how good they must have felt knowing that they planned well.

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