Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lonesome Loser

It's not so much the fact that John Edwards cheated on his dying wife. Politicians are all big fat liars, regardless of affiliation, and most are having some sort of affair. The fact that he stepped out on his wife and family in his particular situation is extra slimy.
The part about this that makes me so angry is that John Edwards is so all about himself that he ran for president, and if he got the nomination and won, was willing to put us as a country through another Democratic sex scandal. Thank you so much John for leading us to believe that you actually care about America, the Democratic party, and those in need. It is painfully clear that the only one you care about is yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Is being a slimy bastard a prerequisite for being involved in politics? How disappointing. Pathetic. Sad. bh