Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Rachel Maddow I have been listening to/yearning to be Rachel Maddow since 2004 when she quietly began to turn Air America upside down with her ecstatic and loyal fan base. Heard daily on Air America, The Rachel Maddow Show gives a fast paced view of the headlines and a splash of humor. After listening for a few minutes, the phrase that will leap to your mind is "Wow. This girl is no dummy." Thus, here I am at the crossroads of cute/smart girls,...again.
I get such a charge listening to Rachel delve deep into stories that may not be getting much traction in the mainstream, but are pertinent nonetheless, and she does so with style and intelligence. Another charge? She's a lesbian. Yep, smart, and on my team! Yay!
Rachel has become the regular fill-in on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and it is so nice to see someone step into big boy shoes and not only fill them nicely, but spit shine them and do a little jig. You can also catch Rachel very regularly on MSNBC's Race to the White House throwing elbows to the Boys Club that includes the likes of Pat Roberston and Joe Scarborough. Take a look at this excellent example of Rachel getting the best of blowhards like Scarborough. Watch the whole clip for the silent tantrum from Joe.
The Nation magazine ran a fantastic article on this Wowee this week. (thanks Allyson!) Take a look. Man she's a smart cookie. Rachel with her own MSNBC show? Squeeel! Don't tease me!

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Revday said...

You want to be her, I want her to do me! Uhhh...if I was younger that is. Great blog!