Thursday, September 25, 2008

...and we're back, kind of

I have been surrounded by technical difficulties for the last two weeks! Things are still not quite the same, (I have lost all data on my off site storage which was mostly music) and I'm a bit flustered about it. I think it would be best to delay Friday's debate until I am ready, uh I mean until the kinks are worked out.

Have you ever heard such a ploy to delay an ass-whoopin'? I tell you John McCain is addicted to any form of crisis that may give him a bump in the polls. Hey John, ever heard of the term "crying wolf"? At some point no one even listens. Not even the base. Not even Faux News was falling for this last night.

So Barack will attend talks regarding the bailout today instead of prepping for the debate. I guess McCain thinks that will actually make a difference in how Barack manages himself on Friday. Good luck with that one, John.


David said...

Hey, this is Bren's friend Dave. I recently came across your blog. Very nice! Losing data is bad. Losing data that you had backed up is the worst. Been there hated it.

Revday said...

So glad to have you back! Obama is soooo going to win! Peace.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're back!!! I miss My Brain! Am I gonna have to buy you an Apple? :)

g8rlane said...

Thanks all! Glad to be back!
Welcome, Dave!