Thursday, September 04, 2008

It was one of the first things we said when the news of Bristol Palin's pregnancy broke: What would the Republicans say if this were one of Obama's daughters?

If I know my readers, and let's face it I do have four friends, then we would agree that the smack being talked would be "There goes another black teenager pregnant out of wedlock." "Probably doesn't even know the father." "Probably isn't her first." You get the picture.

I agree that the families should be left out of the debate because they are not running for the office. I think we all know if the shoe was on the other foot, all bets would be off and the slaughter of an Obama daughter would be at hand, no holds barred. At the very least she would be knocked silly by a plethora of Bibles being thrown in her direction. James Dobson leading the charge, of course.
Because the pregnancy is on the Republican side, it has been spun as admiration for a teenager who is morally doing the "right thing" by keeping the baby. If it were on the Dems side, the discussion would be about the candidate's inability to govern his household. How ever could we trust him with the country? Gasp!
What do you think?

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Revday said...

The Repugnants are evil.