Sunday, October 12, 2008

If you, or anyone else you know, needs any motivation AT ALL to get your butts to the polls and vote for Barack Obama just take a glance at any of the McCain rally footage being shown by any of the news networks at any time during the day.
Just watching these two spew lie after lie is enough to make me sick! Playing to the emotions of the crowd when it comes to finances and veteran's benefits alone is about to make me go crazy! Lie upon lie about "fixing the system", "balancing the budget", always "talking about the past" just roll out of their mouths like fucking diarrhea! Who does this crowd of lemmings think hasn't balanced the budget? Who has taken us to the record setting deficits we currently enjoy in the country? Who has voted against veteran's benefits time after time? WHO is always talking about the past?!!! Reagan, Hoover, Roosevelt, Reagan, Reagan, Reagan....

Lord, I hope I make it to November!

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Bren said...

McCain and Palin's gatherings are starting to look like Klan rallies. Could they make Americans look any dumber? Other countries must cringe when they see our political process.