Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Morgan Webb and Kristen Holt
Seeing how I am gearing up for gaming season, I figured I'd share a little known secret about the gaming world: girls game too! Yep we do, and some of the more notable girls gamers are actually good looking! This week's Wowee is a twofer! My two favorite gamer girls (not including my lovely) Morgan Webb and Kristen Holt!
These girls know games, are not afraid to tell you what they know, and will most likely kick your ass while doing it! And these girls actually game! Ahh, hot smart girls...
Morgan is the co-host of G4's X-Play where she regularly reviews games and gives previews. Morgan also hosts a weekly video podcast called "Webb Alert" which covers news, Internet, and technology.
Kristen is the host of G4's Cheat! where she focuses on giving gaming tips, shortcuts and cheats. Kristen is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, American Idol semi-finalist, actress and singer.
Happy Gaming!

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