Monday, November 17, 2008

Broadway Monday

Annie Get Your Gun Annie Get Your Gun was a hit 1946 Broadway production which told the fictionalized story of Annie Oakley and her husband Frank Butler as they performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. In a shooting contest Annie beats Frank and they consequently fall in love. One hitch in the story: by beating Frank in the contest, Annie becomes a bigger star, and Frank flees the show leaving a heartbroken Annie behind. In the end, Frank sets pride aside and vows his undying devotion to Annie and they form a gun shooting partnership.
original Wild West Show poster from the 1880's

With music by Irving Berlin, the show is responsible for such timeless and recognizable hits as Anything You Can Do, I Got the Sun in the Morning, Doin' What Comes Naturally, and of course the song you hear playing now, There's No Business Like Show Business. (the incredible voice of Ethel chimes in around 2:20, slide the bar and enjoy!)
The original production starred Ethel Merman and Ray Middleton, ran for 1,146 performances and spawned revivals in 1966 and 1999 not to mention a run at every community theatre in the nation. Interestingly enough, Ethel Merman starred in both the 1946 and 1966 productions.
The 1999 Broadway revival garnered the Tony Award for Best Revival and Best Actress, Bernadette Peters. The show has also enjoyed many film and television versions.

*Please pardon the lack of photos for this show. note to self: choose well-documented shows

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