Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wowee Wednesday

Those of you who aren't saying "who?" right now are joining me in a chorus of "Alright! About time!"
Anastacia is a Chicago native and breast cancer survivor who made her big break in 1999 on Epic Records and immediately found success in Europe, Asia and Australia. Just like other artists who are different, incredibly talented and not in the mainstream, Anastacia continues to find a majority of her success in Europe and in the hearts of the gay male community. Gay boys love a girl with a set of pipes, and Anastacia never disappoints.
Her voice is shockingly powerful and as you can see, she is quite easy on the eyes. Speaking of eyes...the girl can wear glasses now can't she?
...or not
Check her out on iTunes, or your favorite music locator.


Revday said...

Wheeewyeee! Racebender. I would not throw her shoes out of the bedroom. Had to buy one of her videos. Thanx for the heads up!!

g8rlane said...

So glad to have exposed you to this musical wonder! Enjoy! Just curious...which video?