Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it just me or does the GOP look like a bunch of crazy, clueless, loons? Exactly how far do they have to go and how much do they have to go against the recovery plan before their base starts to wake up? I mean, is anyone in the Republican party, meaning real-life voters, willing to say they support this bunch of lost buffoons who feel it is more important to vote 'no' on everything and throw the well-being of the masses out the window?

When it comes right down to it, someone who is struggling to make ends meet or keep their house is going to take help from ANYONE and it won't matter which party they represent. I think it's safe to say that voters, if in dire straights are going to start experiencing the political equivalent to a "Come to Jesus" moment. I like to call it a "Come to Barack" moment if you will.
All of the sudden times are hard and only one person can help you out of the muck.

Ohh I am dancing around a touchy subject for most. I can hear you groaning. I've not only mentioned Barack Hussein Obama, (D) in the same sentence as Jesus (gasp) but I've also likened him to having or inflicting similar moments on the people.

Call me a pot-stirrer and button pusher. I'm cool with it.


Revday said...

I hope Obama goes all FDR on the crooks. Grow some man. Signed, Spoon

Bren said...

This is certainly an unbelievable time in history. No doubt.