Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Clementine Ford Sometimes a face casts a blip on your mind's radar screen and you just can't quite shake it. That is how I have felt about Clementine Ford since she burst onto The L Word last season.
Clementine, as Molly Kroll on The L Word, had the attitude, charm, confidence and beauty it takes to hang with the LA girls and I had hoped she would stay around a bit longer than one season, but apparently Ilene Chaiken hates us and doesn't want us to ever have anything nice, unless you count Jenny Schecter which I don't because I, like most viewers, can't stand Jenny and were thrilled to see her on the coroner's gurney at the beginning of this season.....sorry I digress.....hey isn't Clementine a cutie!!!
It's a long clip, but worth it! At least hang for the first 4 minutes to see how adorable our honoree is under pressure!
Funny. Barely any family resemblence. Must look like her dad. Once in awhile, lesbians hopes and dreams come true and the Goddess throws us a bone. Clemmy plays for our team! Yay! Oh my darling, Clementine!


Bren said...

I didn't know she came out!!!! She really is beautiful! Wowee!!!

Revday said...

Lovely. But omg Shane was such a bottom in that scene!