Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Cyndi Lauper
Fresh off my whirlwind trip to NYC to attend the Defying Inequality benefit, I'm finding myself hard pressed to pick a Wowee for this week. Monday night I was in a room FULL of people who could take this top spot on any given week.
I figured I should start with one of the organizers of the event. Cyndi is a straight ally and true champion for LGBT rights, a multiple award winning singer, songwriter, actress, and (if you are at least my age,) a woman who changed the face and voice of music in the 80's and continues to change hearts and minds in support of efforts like this week's benefit and the True Colors Tour.
Cyndi took the podium during the last hour of the benefit and spoke to us as only Cyndi can with eloquent words of support and love sprinkled with her unmistakable Queens, NY dialect. She was beautiful, poised, confident and awesome. There is no denying Cyndi's presence in a room.
You may love her for her contribution to music, but one look at her contribution to human rights and you'll love her even more.


Revday said...

Cindi looks fabulous. Ummm, oh never mind.

Bren said...

I love Cindi!!!