Sunday, March 15, 2009

Excuse for one minute, does anyone actually think/believe that the Bush administration had absolutely nothing to do with the economic meltdown in which we are currently having a blast?Anyone heard of the current $644 billion we are in the hole for the debacle know as the Iraq war? You think that may have had something to do with our current problems?! Hmm?

I fully agree that the economic problems happening are worldwide and shared by many communities, but we helped create the collapse of the house of cards by spending money on a war of choice. It stresses our communities and budgets and guess what? Shit rolls downhill.

Want to know just how much this imbroglio is costing YOUR community? Take a look. This great site boils it right down.

Fucker, Cheney.

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Bren said...

You are hilarious!!!! Love the picture!!! Sad that it's true.