Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ilene Chaiken Hates Us

Anyone else watching the incredibly annoying final season of The L Word? I submit to you a list of questions in effort to discern if it's just me, or does creator Ilene Chaiken really hate us:
  • WTF with Jenny Schecter?

  • We FINALLY get what we have wanted for seasons: Jenny is dead! Yay! Ding Dong! What's that you say, Ilene? The entire season will be a look backwards from the first episode of glorious death to find out who killed Jenny, thereby making us have to endure that psycho the ENTIRE season?
  • Shenny?! Really?

  • Is anyone else offended by the Max storyline? It makes me cringe.

  • 8 episodes in the FINAL season?...hmmm...thanks Ilene. You really outdid yourself.

  • Oh look. Shane is having sneaky sex in a bathroom stall. Again. yawn.

  • Did we really need to introduce 3-4 new characters during the final season? I for one think the regular cast has enough shit to deal with excluding new hot messes.

  • Would it hurt to give us a little more Jane Lynch? Hmmm?

  • Let me get this correct, Jodi screws Bette over publically, but Bette loses her job, then Jodi still gets to win the dance competition? That just isn't right. I don't care if Marlee Matlin was on DWTS (that was also a lazy effort for a storyline). Bette is the long running favorite and beloved character, not Jodi.

  • Really Ilene? We won't find out who killed Jenny in the last episode? OK. Touche. You may be attempting to get the last laugh on the viewers, but is all for nought. Unfortunately for you and your evil plan, none of us care anymore.

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Camille said...

I don't know about you, but my Sunday nights are so empty now.