Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Jane Lynch As you've all figured out by now, my Wowees are multi-faceted. Great looking, smart, funny, get the idea. In this week's case every criteria gets met and then some! Jane Lynch is so comically talented, and smart. She has so mastered the art of subtle humor in her mannerisms and facial expressions that she automatically steals a scene no matter how brief.Some of Jane's best roles include a pushy lesbian lawyer, domineering member of a folk ensemble, trainer/owner of a show dogs, president of an international dating service, and butch/femme elementary phys ed coach.
Hear a squeal of delight? It's just me when I see Jane Lynch pop up in a sitcom or movie as a character. It's true!
In my opinion, the final season of The L Word was made a little more tolerable by the VERY FEW times we got to see Jane in the recurring role of power-lawyer Joyce Wischnia.
Because I tend to hitch my wagon to shows that are short-lived (read: smart, quirky, different), naturally one of my favorite shows starring Jane was the axed Lovespring International. It's hard to find clips, but I hope you enjoy this one:

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Bren said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! She is so beautiful and talented!!!!