Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wowee Wednesday

Sandra Day O'Connor
Arizona State Senator--check
Arizona State Senate Majority Leader--check
Arizona State Senate Republican Leader--check
Supreme Court Justice of the United States--check
Board Member for the National Constitution Center--check
Chancellor of College of William & Mary--check
In my opinion, being any ONE of these things listed is cause to be heralded as a Wowee, but for me one feature says it all: Sandra Day O'Connor is a Republican, and was seated by a Republican president. In today's standards, or at least what has come to be in the last decade, that would mean she would have every right to sit on the Supreme Court bench and rule from her party line instead of the constitution. O'Connor may very well be the last Justice to remember what it is like to do their job independently of their party's desires and shun the now common bully tactics that have smeared the bench. For that, I applaud her and miss her presence. A great Q&A appeared this weekend in the New York Times Magazine featuring our first female Supreme Court Justice. Enjoy.

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Bren said...

She was recently on The Daily Show and I am always amazed by her. She sets such a good example for women. I have always admired her. Good choice!

P.S. On Wednesdays I click on My Brain with great anticipation because you have such a wonderful variety of Wowees.